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Take five minutes out to have a quick read of this page as it explains the reasons why so many of our members succeed with us and have continued to succeed with us for a number of years.

The problem.

Studying the form can be rather time consuming and pretty boring!

In fact going through six meetings a day, looking over hundreds of runners past history, course details, jockey, trainer stats and more can really take the fun out of betting and cause one almighty headache in the process.

We have always wanted to win, just like you do, but not if it meant hours of study just to find a bet or two. Life’s too short! Do you really want to burn the midnight oil just to find a horse with some sort of chance that doesn’t even win or worse still doesn’t even run? I doubt it.


The solution.

To have an edge over everyone else who is betting you need to do something different to everyone else so we looked at all manner of methods and betting styles, systems etc., read books and scoured the internet as you do, until in the late nineties we came across speed ratings.

So what exactly are speed ratings?

A speed rating is a figure given to each horse after a race representing its ability based on the time that it ran. By measuring these times against a standard for each course and distance, after a calculation is made to allow for the going on the day, all performances can be compared. This gives you an overall picture of how a race will pan out and allows you to narrow down the field to the few that should take part in the finish. Something that bare form reading cannot do alone.Compare these to normal horse racing ratings which are based entirely on the opinions of the compiler, who in most cases simply uses his or her ‘judgement’ to rate a race often based on the finishing positions of the higher rated horses in the race.This method is open to gross misinterpretation and is in the main an inaccurate method of rating a performance as although the rating is based on the runners in the race, it does not allow for the class of the race in question or the going on the day and any reason why the better rated horses were beaten.This way, nothing can be deemed as definite unlike the precise calculations you do get with horse racing speed ratings.


We started creating our own ratings based on the American calculations where speed ratings are taken very seriously indeed and very soon began to see real power and profitability in our betting, backing winners that were highlighted to us as stand out bets, all clear on the ratings and easy to find.

This seemed to be the edge we were looking for and it really got us excited.

It’s a wonderful feeling backing a double figure priced winner, knowing it would run well despite derisory comments about it’s chances in the papers and it’s a feeling we have shared with our members time and time again since and want to share again with you.


“15.25 Newbury, 5 runners, Miracle of Medinah (Clear top rated) Won 33/1 (BSP 46.0). That’s what you call value!!!” Mark 20/07/2013

“Ian your a genius!  Just backed KING OF EDEN at 25/1!!! Never would have found it without you website… thank you very much indeed.” Neil 15/04/2013

“WOW! For only one month I have doubled my bank. (I won’t say how or for how much) but, my, I am impressed. The 12/1 winner of yesterday’s 2.10 Sprint Final at Lingfield (Norville) was superb.” Joseph 27/02/2011

Just thought you would like to know that thanks to your information boxes I managed to back French Hollow today at 75/1 on Betfair! (won at 66/1). I would never have got it otherwise so many thanks for the great site” Lawrence 08/07/2011


Website enhancements and improvements.

We have since taken things to the next level for subscribers by adding what we’d always wanted ourselves, a way of quickly reading the form of each race but without any of the time consuming hassle of conventional form study with our unique ‘pop up boxes’.

This now gives us a top tier, two phase betting product. 

Before we had these features it used to take us hours to read just one race, you can now do a whole meeting in minutes!

The time you will save, the ease of finding your bets and the pleasure you will gain from both, means that racing will hopefully become fun and enjoyable, something you look forward to taking part in each day and not something that you just do automatically through boredom perhaps as you do now.


Trust us to help you get the best out of racing.

With over ten years involvement online and over thirty years of racing and betting we know what we are talking about when we say that making money from betting is not easy.

However, if racing is your interest and you do want to make it worthwhile, then you need the right tools for the job and you have those tools right here, right now to be used whenever you need them just like our members have been using them before and are using them today.


“Hi Ian-I’ve been a member for some time – highly satisfied and use the site on a daily basis. Many thanks and long may you continue to provide this user-friendly mass of information!!” Rob 18/05/2013

“Keep up the good work Ian. Your site is so user friendly with quick easy ways to compare your horse form.” John 04/12/2012

“…have been a member for some time now and am thoroughly enjoying it -wonderful winners and wonderful prices, well done, absolutely superb!!”. Malcolm 27/08/2012

“A short note to say your ratings give me a definite edge and hope you plan on continuing for many years to come.” Mark 06/02/2012


Real value for those who take their betting seriously.

You can now access all of the ratings, form data and statistics for every race of your choice over the next twelve months. In fact we cover all of the 9,000+ races that are run every year in the UK and all from just 1.90 a week.

Subscribing is easy via Paypal, card payment over the phone, direct bank transfer or send us a cheque in the post.

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When you join you also recieve:

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If you love your racing like we do, then be serious about your racing like we are.

Many of our subscribers were maybe a little skeptical before they joined but are now glad that they did. Simplifying their betting, finding plenty of winners and all without the hassle that normally goes with it.


“Dear Sir, thank you for your tutorial email today. I have been a member for a few years. I read that tutorial with interest and enjoyed a fruity Crimson Queen winning so easy at a massive price today (14/1). That paid my annual membership a few times over. Excellent inside knowledge and fabulous ratings.” KS 25/06/2013

“Congratulation for the best horse racing site in Europe. I tried other services but they do not provide as much winners plus you give us the chance to make up our own mind instead of depend on somebody’s else opinion, info or hunch.” Vasilis 18/03/2012

“…your ratings helped me to a two grand profit last Friday.” Chris 15/08/2012

“Since registering with Inform a few months ago, following a friend’s recommendation, my success at picking winners has been transformed beyond my wildest expectations. For the first time in over thirty years of betting I am well ahead of the bookies. So much so that Ladbrokes have put a limit of a £20  stake on my internet account.” John 28/11/2010

“I haven’t been a subscriber long, but I can already see that there is real magic in your speed figures. I have actually made over 100 points profit in a little over a week. I have had winners at Betfair prices of 14-1 (twice), 28-1 and 75-1 (Whotsit), plus others at lower odds. So, what can I say, but thanks. Inform is the perfect assistant to allow me to take my pro-gambling to a higher level.” Andy 10/02/2009

“Your racing info and speed figs are invaluable and along with the VWD stats, form an indispensable tool for the serious bettor.” James 12/09/2013

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