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With the help of subscriber Andre, I have put together a couple of new system builder systems that should be of interest to you.

They are both for flat racing with one to be used on the turf and the other for the all weather, so these can be used all year round.

The profits can be seen below for the last three years and these are to BSP with 5% commission already taken into account.

Flat Turf

2018: +220.02 pts
2019: +170.95 pts
2020: +162.90 pts

All Weather

2018: +103.70 pts
2019: +35.83 pts
2020: +48.35 pts

You can see an image of the system builder below and the results for this years Flat Turf season showing an impressive total profit of 162.90 pts to BSP.

Whislt the strike rate is not what you may be looking for, it more than makes up for in overall profit and as you see there are no short priced horses backed with these systems as both require a minimum BSP of 10 before a bet is placed.

Therefore I see these systems as 'set and forget', where you set up your betting bank, place any bets each day and just watch the profits increase over time. 

Click the image to enlarge it if you need to.

Of course you can use the Inform Racing Declarations Builder to run these systems to get a full list of any qualifiers each day, in seconds.

The systems are based on sound common sense.

As you can see, the rules of the system take into account a number of speed ratings and form criteria and is based on the fact that a horse has a poor, (5th or worse) finishing position last time out but is one of the top 3 in the Inform Racing speed ratings last time out.

So whilst the form figure may not look great, the speed ratings tell a different story and when you are betting at big prices, you don't need that many to come home first to make a good profit.

The horse also needs to be one of the top 3 in the Master rating column, so has one of the best three overrall ratings in the race and must have run within the last 40 days.

This ensures that the good rating from the last race was not too long ago and that the you can still rely on the form or the speed rating of that race.

Finally, the Going has been restricted to only races that are run on Hard, Firm, Good to Firm, Good or Good to Soft ground. These are the better ground conditions for most flat horses and means the majority of races will be run at a good gallop and that is ideal for horses running on the flat.

The All Weather system

There is one additional category set on the all weather system and of course there is no going restrictions as on the turf system, but all of the other rules are the same as on the flat turf.

Whilst the profits are about half as good on the all weather as on the turf, there is still an impressive profit made. Bearing in mind there has been a profit in each of the last three seasons, for both, it should give confidence that things can continue in the same vein next year too.

So far this year the all weather system has made over 48 points and there is still about 5 or 6 weeks of the year to go. Plus being an all weather system, you can use this one all year round, especially now while there is no flat racing on the turf until next Spring.

You will need to be a subscriber to Inform Racing

Not only will you need the Inform Racing System Builder and Declarations Builder to run these systems correctly, you will need the speed ratings provided too as the system rules use the speed ratings themselves. 

Just using the non speed rating form factors WILL NOT give you the correct rules or profits shown here.

Download these two files now for free!

You can download the files now and load them into the Inform Racing System Builder to check all of the profits claimed here are correct. (I assure you they are!)

You can then play around with the rules to either increase strike rates, increase profit, reduce the number of bets or whatever you want to do.

For example you could see how the systems work out in different race classes or over different distances.

There are over 70 categories, with more being added soon, so there is plenty you could do to improve these ideas....

...or just plug them in and run them as they are!

To download the Flat Turf System in a .txt file.

Hit the pointer image below and the file should download onto your computer.

To download the All Weather System in a .txt file.

Hit the pointer image below and the file should download onto your computer.

When you have downloaded the .txt files, save them to your pc and load them into the system builder as normal and the rules will show as on the image on this page.

If you don't have access to the system builder and open the .txt files you will just see a load of code, and whilst you may be able to read the code, you will still need to run the file through the system builder to get the correct selections each day.

So good luck with these systems and as I say, we are adding even more categories to the system builder in the near future, so you can test all of your ideas very quickly and find out what has worked before, so you don't waste your money testing an idea that was always a non starter.

Subscribing To Inform Racing

Inform Racing is the #1 resource for UK speed ratings and has been successfully online since 2003.

To sign up and be able to run these two sytsems through the Inform Racing System Builder, use the link below.

James Dawson

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