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Please check your inbox AND JUNK FOLDERS now for your confirmation of payment email and your Inform Racing access email. 

Please read the information on this page as it will help you and save you time in the long run.

Email 1: Receipt for order
This email is a receipt for your payment and details of your subscription. It also contains a link similar to below that allows you to manage and cancel your subscription.

'You can manage your subscription at:'

Email 2: InformRacing New Account - Setting your Password
This access email is where you will be able to set your password for access.

Setting your Password

Click the link on the email where indicated and this will take you to a form where you can set your own password. The password must have at least 7 characters and at least 1 number.

If you do not receive your access email with ten to fifteen minutes, after checking all of your junk and spam folders, please contact us directly by using the email form on the link below and send us your chosen password too so we can set it up from our end. The password must have at least 7 characters and at least 1 number.

Thank you!

Please check out the link below before you get started.

There are some 'must reads' here so ensure you spend a quick 5 minutes going through the pointers on the knowledge base. 

It answers the most important questions about getting started and using Inform Racing.
 Knowledge Base - Inform Racing
You can find this link on the Noticeboard also when you login.

It is worth checking out before sending an email enquiry that could be answered already via this knowledge base.

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