Knowledge Base

>> When are the ratings updated?

The ratings are calculated for the previous day in the afternoon and these can be uploaded anytime after 3pm. If you want to be sure that all ratings are up to date, the up to date declarations have been added and that everything has been checked, then you are best waiting until 6pm UK time.

If a horse runs on the next day after a race, then this rating will not be calculated until the afternoon of that race, so if it is running in the evening then you should get the rating before the race, otherwise you won't.


>> Betting forecast odds

We get the Betting Forecast odds from the Racing Post and they actually update their betting forecasts for some races during the evening until midnight and we update all of our forecast odds when the Racing Post do. So if you have a system that uses the Betting Forecast odds then to get the final odds that will be used for all system results, then you are best waiting until after Midnight UK time.

I don't think when they update the odds it is anything dramatic, for example, a horse they had at 12/1 that would change to 2/1. I think it is more in line with the odds that they already produced earlier that could be tweaked a little if there are early non runners during the evening, or if they get some information from a source about a certain runner.


>> Downloading the system files

When you download any of the free or paid for betting systems, they will be sent in a zipped folder. To understand how to unzip these files, save them to your computer and load them into the system builder, take a look at the link below.

All system files are downloaded in .txt files and if you open one of these text files it will just look like computer language but this is how the files are created. The system rules will be revealed when you load them into the system builder.


>> Cumulative lengths beaten and Finishing position on the system builder

These two categories on the system builder are just filters and should not be used as actual rules when creating a system. You will probably be wanting to used Lto1 lengths beaten or Lto1 position numerical instead of these two.

For more information on these two and an explanation of all categories, take a look at the link below.

>> System builder results

When you get your set of declarations on the system builder, you need to be aware that there are a number of categories that could change your selections, mainly due to non runners before the race starts. Often people email asking why a horse that showed in the decs isn't know showing in results or that other horses are showing that weren't in the decs.

* Number of runners could obviously change.
* Top rated or top 3 rated etc. in the speed ratings. A horse could be second top rated but if the top rated horse becomes a non runner, there will be a new top rated horse.
* Same as above for BHA Rating Rank, which is the order of horses on the race card, so the horse(s) with the highest BHA Rating (or Official Rating), would be horse number 1.
* The going can change without many people knowing about it and is why I am not keen on systems that have the going as a rule. (When finding declarations we use the forecast going which is shown on the race cards, whilst it will be the actual going in results.)
* It is possible that the jockey could change perhaps from an apprentice with a cliam of 3, 5 or 7 pounds to a pro jockey but there is very little we can do about this one as again it is often very difficult to know if or when this is happening.

I am pretty sure like most things, if you need to place your bets early, then over a period of time, some horses that change will win for you and others will lose and overall you will be about level but you should be aware of these changes that are possible.

If you can wait until as late as possible to know of any changes then you are better off.

>> Maximum number of systems you can use with the Load Decs feature

You can save any number of systems in the Saved Systems panel on the system builder but when you use the 'Load Decs' feature, it will only give you the decs for the first 20 systems that you have set to active.

If you have more than 20 set to active, then you will need to run the first 20, then untick that 20, tick to activate the next set and run these. If you have more than 20 and less than 41, you can just do what I suggest above, then the next day run the second set first, rather than change them all back for the next day.

If we can make it possible to run more than 20 then we will change this.

>> Beware! (1) Updating, changing and saving your system builder systems

Beware!! Make sure you read this so you don't delete or over write your saved systems.

If you open a system from the saved systems panel, then any changes that you make to that system when you click Update will be saved to that system name. That may sound obvious but just please note that whatever the name of the system is showing below the Apply Rules and other buttons, is the system that will be updated.

So if you open a system from the saved systems, then decide to start a new system by hitting the reset rules button. When you then save this to your saved systems it will keep that newly named system but will also change the system that you had opened to the new set of rules.

Just ensure, or keep in mind that whenever you click update and save for a system, it will be changing the system that is named below the apply rules button.

The video Editing, updating and saving your systems, on the link below will explain this for you.

>> Beware! (2) Saving your system builder systems

To ensure that you don't lose a system by accident, it is advised that when you have something you are happy with and don't want to lose, then always save a hard copy of it in .txt file format.

The Save Rules button will allow you to do this and will save a .txt file for you. When you open the text file, just click File at the top and Save As to give it a name. These should all be saved somehwere safe on your computer and then when you click the Load Rules button, you can find them and open any of them again easily.