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  • Start your journey with the pioneers of online horse racing speed ratings, and see how every bet can be a calculated step towards profitability.
  • Learn how to predict the winners and set yourself a solid foundation you can follow successfully for years to come.


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Horse Racing Speed Ratings and Race Cards

Form reading doesn't have to feel like a chore.

No one wants to spend hours looking for a winning bet. That is why our horse racing speed ratings race cards are designed to give you just the most important information that you need at a glance and all on one page. I've always believed in finding the right balance between effectiveness and efficiency, so the cards have been designed to give you the advantages of both a thorough approach as well as being time saving.

System Builder

You don't have to be an expert to start winning at horse racing.

Test your own ideas, however simple or complex. Simple and intuitive, play around with an infinite number of race form combinations and turn your ideas into profits.

  • Analyse thousands of past racing results to create your own profitable betting angles.
  • Check the comprehensive results breakdown categories to see where you can improve your profits.
  • Run your systems against the days Declarations and find any bets for the day in a matter of seconds.
  • Test both back and lay systems and see the resulting stats giving the number of bets, the win percentage, ROI%, longest losing runs, average winning odds and more.

The Problem

You read somewhere that combining Jockey X with Trainer X at Northern tracks, after the horse has had a layoff, is a profitable angle. So you start to bet on all of these runners for a couple of months, only to find it's a complete load of nonsense and have wasted valuable time paper trading, or worse still using real money betting these selections. You are now already £££'s out of pocket.

The Solution

Use the system builder to test your own ideas and betting angles beforehand and then tweak them or change the rules. Choose from over 200 form categories, horse racing speed ratings and result breakdowns, then save your profitable angles and use these to make money. You can now find out what works before making any losing bets.

Betting Tissue Tool

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Create your very own betting tissue forecast prices automatically

  • Compare your own odds to those available and back those you feel are overpriced
  • Find a horse priced at 7/1 that you think should be the 2/1 favourite and you have yourself a value bet.
  • Choose the form factors you think are most important to rate the chance of each horse in a race.
  • Select your criteria, price parameters and more, click Build Tissue and get your own unique forecast odds calculated for every race on the day, in a flash.
  • You can also use the Betting Tissue Tool to also create your very own horse racing ratings
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Make every bet a value bet

Pro punters create their own betting forecast prices, to compare against the live prices to help them find overpriced horses in the market. It's an effective way of finding some very big priced winners, but it's also very time consuming and complicated! 

You can now automate this process by using your own unique combination of ratings and form, change the settings to perfect your tissue odds and find overpriced, value bets, day after day.

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All from just £4.62 a week.

Less than the cost of a pint.

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