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We have made some additions to the system builder in the last few weeks, including a new feature that will help those who like to trade in running.

First of all we have tidied up the drop down list of rules that can be used, by dividing the 'Horse' group into three.

We now have the general items related to the horse, under 'Horse', which contain such items as BHA Rating, Days Since Win, Saddlecloth Number and Weight.

We then have put all of the win and placed rules for the horse on different goings, classes, distances and courses etc., into a new group called, 'Horse Win/Placed'.

Finally all rules concerning the form of the last three runs, such as Last time out position, beaten fav or not, SP and more, all in their own group called, Lto 1, 2, 3 Details.

Hopefully this will make it easier to find all of your rules on the system builder.

You can click here to watch a video explaining all of the changes.

New rules

We have added a number of new rules to these Horse groups, which can all now be selected as Result Breakdowns too. This means you now have well over 250 form categories to choose from on the system builder.

A little while ago, we added the win + place % to each runner on the actual race cards, so we have now added most if not all of the categories also, as win + place %, as well as the win stats and placed stats on their own.

Below is a list of the new rules and result breakdowns that we have added.

Horse Group

Runs Since Win

Horse Win/Placed Group

Horse Course And Distance Placed%
Horse Course And Distance Win&Placed%
Horse Course Placed%
Horse Course Win&Placed%
Horse Distance Placed%
Horse Distance Win&Placed%
Horse Win&Placed% Last12Months
Horse Win&Placed% Overall
Horse Placed% Last14Days
Horse Win&Placed% Last14Days
Horse RaceType Placed%
Horse RaceType Win&Placed%
Horse Class Placed%
Horse Class Win&Placed%
Horse FieldSize Placed%
Horse FieldSize Win&Placed%
Horse OfficialGoing Placed%
Horse OfficialGoing Win&Placed%
Horse Going AW Fast Placed%
Horse Going AW Fast Win&Placed%
Horse Going AW Standard To Fast Placed%
Horse Going AW Standard To Fast Win&Placed%
Horse Going AW Standard Placed%
Horse Going AW Standard Win&Placed%
Horse Going AW Standard To Slow Placed%
Horse Going AW Standard To Slow Win&Placed%
Horse Going AW Slow Placed%
Horse Going AW Slow Win&Placed%
Horse Going Turf Hard Placed%
Horse Going Turf Hard Win&Placed%
Horse Going Turf Firm Placed%
Horse Going Turf Firm Win&Placed%
Horse Going Turf Good To Firm Placed%
Horse Going Turf Good To Firm Win&Placed%
Horse Going Turf Good Placed%
Horse Going Turf Good Win&Placed%
Horse Going Turf Yielding Placed%
Horse Going Turf Yielding Win&Placed%
Horse Going Turf Soft Placed%
Horse Going Turf Soft Win&Placed%
Horse Going Turf Heavy Placed%
Horse Going Turf Heavy Win&Placed%

Lto 1, 2, 3 Details Group

Lto 1 Draw
Lto 2 Draw
Lto 3 Draw
Lto 1 Course Name
Lto 2 Course Name
Lto 3 Course Name

Trainer and Jockey Group

Jockey Runs Since Win
Jockey Course Placed%
Jockey Course Win&Placed%
Jockey Placed% Last14Days
Jockey Win&Placed% Last14Days
Trainer Runs Since Win
Trainer Course Placed%
Trainer Course Win&Placed%
Trainer Jockey Course Placed%
Trainer Jockey Course Win&Placed%
Trainer Placed% Last14Days
Trainer Win&Placed% Last14Days

New In Running Trading Group and calculations feature

We have also added 5 new rules for any in running traders, which you can use along with the new in running calculations, explained below.

So we have the group called 'In Running Trading Tool', which can be found below the 'Odds' group.

The rules we have added are all from the In Running Trading Feature:

Average Run Style
Average TickDifference
In Play Low Odds

In Running Trading calculations

You will see at the top of the system builder, a new checkbox called Calculate IRTT.

Click any images to enlarge them if necessary.

System Builder Additions Inform Racing

If this box is checked, once you have run your system rules, you will then see the following box below the list of system horse results.

You can change the Commission, the BSP % Diff and the InPlay Low Price, using the up and down arrows for each one and then re run your system rules, or create a new system just for these two calculations.

System Builder Additions Inform Racing
BSP % Diff

BSP % Diff, is the difference in price between the Actual BSP and any in running odds depending on the percentage chosen, once the race has started and gone 'in play'.

It is set up to help you find back to lay bets.

This is set as a default percentage of 50, so this means you want the horse to half in price and is what you will want if you are looking for a dobbing strategy.

You can change this to whatever percentage you want to.

So these results are from a system that I put into the system builder that had 2 actual winners from 19 bets. It is not a dobbing or trading system but it has some results so you can see what the calculations are.

From these 19 bets, we are not interested in how many actual winners there were, but you can see that 13 horses successfully hit 50% of their actual BSP in running and 6 didn't. Therefore, with a dob being effectively and Even money bet, you have 13 winning bets at Evens less 2% commission and 6 losing bets.

13 - 2% = 12.74, then - 6 losers equals a profit to £1 stakes of £6.74, or a profit of £134.80 using £20 stakes. All from just 19 trades.

So for back to lay bets you want to find horses that drop a certain percentage in running and the good news is, the profit is the same for a £1 stake, for any percentage difference, no matter what the odds are.

For example a successful back to lay bet at 50% difference, will always give a £1 profit less commission to a £1 stake, whether the actual BSP is 5, 18, 26 or whatever.

You could change the percentage to 20, which means that you are looking for a strategy that will find horses that just drop 20% from their BSP, so say odds of 10 down to 8 during the race and that would give you a profit on each successful trade of 24p.

A percentage drop of 65%, so say odds of 20 into 7, or odds of 12 into 4.2, would give you a profit of £1.82 for each successful £1 back to lay trade.

To find a system that will help you profit from these back to lay trades, you could start with just a BSP and horses that like to run from the front, so Run Styles 1 and 2 and maybe a fairly high average tick difference.

Don't forget you can also look for horses that have run to a low in play low price on the system builder, use the results breakdown for Jockeys and then find the jockeys that have a better record for getting horses into a good position in the race, where the odds are more likely to drop.

In Play Low Price

System Builder Additions Inform Racing

The In Play Low Price feature, is for those who want to lay horses at low odds, (or it can be any odds that you choose), by placing a lay bet to be kept and then placed, as the race goes in play.

So on the image above, you can see the InPlay Low Price, is set as a default of 3.10. This means that you want to lay horses that hit 3.10 in running, that are unlikely to win.

There is lots of information that you can find on our In Running Trading Tool, that will identify horses that often run well, drop fairly low in price during the race, but don't actually win. 

You can then put these rules into the system builder, or just use a set of odds, again with run styles or race types and race distances for example.

Looking at the example above, you can see that there were 8 horses that hit 3.10 in running, and 2 went on to win, so that is 2 losing lay bets, whilst 6 successfully went on to lose.

So 2 losing lay bets at 3.10 is a loss of 2 x 2.1 = -4.2, with 6 successful lay bets less commission of 5.88, making a total profit of £1.68 to £1 stakes, or £33.60 using £20 stakes.

With over 250 categories of form to choose from on the system builder, all of which can be selected as result breakdowns too.

This allows you to filter the results and find just the factors that are profitable, so will be easy to come up with a set of rules to help your dobbing, back to lay and lay low in running trades every day.

Selecting more than one course name

This has been a slow old process for a long time now, if you wanted to include or exclude, more than one course in your betting system. 

Before you had to add a new group, then a new rule for each course you wanted and if you wanted a dozen or more, then it was a little time consuming.

So now we have one box that opens up, containing all course names and a check box before each one. All you need to do now is tick the boxes containing the courses you want to use.

System Builder Additions Inform Racing

If you want to include more than one course, use the selector 'in', or 'not in' if you want to exclude a number of courses from your system.

And if you just want one course then use 'equal' or 'not equal'.

For those of you that already have a list of course names in your systems, just open the system rules as normal and then write down that list, open a new 'Course Name' rule and tick the checkboxes that you require, before changing the selector if you need to.

You can then delete the old group of course names, re save the system and continue as normal.

Ian Welch

Creator and owner of Inform since 2003, I have over 30 years of racing and betting experience to share. Speed ratings are my main passion whilst updating the website and writing the odd blog post keeps me busy and hopefully other users well informed.

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