Testimonials - See what other users say.

I recently ran a survey....

....asking current subscribers a number of questions to try and find out how I could improve Inform Racing.

At the end of the survey I asked that if they were happy with the service, would they mind leaving a testimonial that I could use.

All of the ones on this page are from the survey and were requested, however they were all freely given and will hopefully give you a good idea of how many subscribers are very happy with Inform Racing and how it has helped them with their betting and profits from horse racing.

Click here if you want too read the unsolicited emails and sent by the person without me requesting them to do so. Just because people do like to share their positive experiences. 

Great site with really unique and useful information that has changed my betting to become more enjoyable and profitable.

Uncannily accurate ratings I've used for years wouldn't dream of placing a bet without them! I feel it gives me deep inside knowledge not available to the majority of punters, it gives me an edge over the bookies.

After 40 years of systems, tips etc. I will be looking no further. Nearest I’ll get to the Holy Grail.

Simple, straightforward tools to find value bets every day, my go to racing resource.

As a full-time punter who uses Excel spreadsheets as a tool for analysing horse-racing, the Inform Speed Figures remain the most crucial part of that work.

I have been a subscriber for many years now and since my retirement have been able to use the ratings to produce better profits.

Main benefit using the betting tissue now is the speed I can find my bets without going through acres and acres of form, etc. What used to take an hour or more has now been reduced to 15 to 20 minutes.

I have used Inform Racing since 2017. In that time the improvements to the website have been excellent. I cannot overstate how brilliant the addition of the System Builder and Betting Tissue have been in helping find winners.

I've now been with Inform racing for several years and will be with them well into the distant future, good health permitting. New subscribers should do their best to go for the annual deal and persevere with the figures - they will eventually throw up some real gems. Best for me so far was an 18/1 winner with a 50/1 winner combined in a £2 each way double.


I have been using Inform Racing for nearly a year now and I have found it a great tool for historic in depth data and system building. It has helped me find a number of unique angles leading to some great returns.

Reliable speed figures in a user friendly format. Great value for money.

Inform Racing has everything you need to bet successfully. Easy layout of cards with the facility to dig deeper into a horses previous performance if you want. I particularly like the Par rating that sets the par for that type of race and compares horses. Good value for money, you don't need to look anywhere else for more information.

Best ratings around by far ,very useful tools recently added great value for money.

Been a member of Inform for 12 months now. I now have 16 systems set up through System Builder which are providing a nice steady profit each month. Ian is always more than happy to help when you email him and provides an excellent overall service. 100% would recommend Inform to anyone who is serious about their horse betting.

A very good value for money site, very easy to deal with and sharing of information. A daily free race card to try until you want to dip your toes.

Inform racing is an outstanding service that I would reccomend highly to anyone. The speed ratings are an invaluable tool for any type of punter that I could not do without. The added features such as the system builder are also extremely useful. The website is continuously being improved and the customer service is excellent.

Inform Racing has all the key info needed to access a horses strengths and weakness and together with Ian's unique speed ratings any potential value bets can be found quickly. Having used many different racing sites over the years Inform Racing is right up there with the best.

I find Inform Racing to be a great tool in my quest for racing profits. The recent upgrades to the System Builder make it easy to build and tweak systems and explore new angles, which has resulted in a tripling of my betting bank in the last three months. Just today (6/30/21) I hit winners of 16.59 and 16 BSP (Kendred Fire and Makalu).

Inform offer a great ratings service plus all the other information you need before backing a horse like number of wins and places in current course distance and class plus going I defy anyone not to make a profit using all this information.

I use inform mainly for the system builder, which is an incredible piece of kit. You can build systems using hundreds of different angles, and tweak them to your hearts content until you have your ideal system. For backing and laying, it is seriously the best system builder you will find on the market.

This site will make you plenty of money on Flat and NH racing. I can say that this is the best site i have ever used for my racing selections.

Excellent site for all your betting needs. Ian runs a first class service and is very approachable.

I have been a punter for more than forty five years and in that time I have seen and tried it all, from fail safe systems to paid tipsters you name it I have tried it, I can honestly say that for value for money you (Inform Racing) can beat them all. I am now able to analyse a race in minutes with the full picture in front of my eyes thus allowing me to make much more considered decisions of when and when Not to bet, it is like someone going to the opticians for the first time.

First and foremost Ian produces excellent speed ratings - the best I have found. That is why I have used these as a mainstay for the past 20+ years. The additional tools and features provided over time are the icing on the cake. I would suggest to anyone new using the information - sign up for a year and spend that time reviewing and formulating an approach (paper trade/small stakes only). This is a real gold nugget but it needs time and effort to find a long term profitable approach.

I have found Inform Racing to be the best tool for UK horse racing there is. It is clear and easy to use so you can delve a little or an awful lot - depends what you want to do. I have been using it for many years and will continue to do so.

Reliable figures that do the hard grind for you.

Inform Racing gives me all the information I need for profitable betting all with the click of a button. Site I would not like to be without.

Inform Racing allowed me to understand and appreciate Horse Handicapping. As I developed and recognised the patterns at play and how to decipher the ratings, it prompted me to turn FT, earlier than expected. The improvements to the site and the System Builder have certainly made it a lot easier for newcomers as well as established members to be more efficient with their betting or trading.

Inform Racing is essential to the success of my betting system and has been for many years now. Long may Inform Racing continue!

I have found inform racing to be incredibly detailed for my style of racing analysis. The speed ratings are a hidden gem, allowing for a much better understanding of how a race might play out. I wouldn't be able to generate half the profit without it.

Very accurate figures that really help to narrow down fields. Particularly like the LTO figures, I look for horses that have run their best figure LTO, even if they aren’t the top rated; this still provides nice winners and place money at big odds, particularly in big field handicaps. This service has changed my punting massively & I’ve returned a healthy profit since I started using it.

Inform Racing is an invaluable resource to me, being a member for approx. 18 months or so, I find the site easy to use and never have a bet without visiting the site. A lot of the winners I've found through the site I would never have backed through normal ways. I can't praise Ian enough for all he does and I will continue to use the site til I stop betting on horse racing (which is probably never).

Inform Racing has transformed me from a losing punter to a winner.

Best ratings and and an ever dynamic Ian who is always coming up with fresh ideas. I have subscribed to many services over the years. I think this one is the best and is reasonably priced. Ian is always at the end of an e-mail and responds very quickly.

Inform Racing is a very handy and informative horse speed ratings service, with the inclusion of horse racing system builder, betting tissue software and a host of many other features, with email support, could be the best out there in racing data and helping find probable winners for any racing enthusiast or punter.

I have been using Inform Racing for many years now, and for the ease of use and the abiltiy to point me in the right direction for selecting winners, it's the Number one place for me to go.

Best site for accurate Speed Figures, using the basic speed ratings winners are plentiful. When you get chance to check past results you find even more profitable ways of betting using the ratings provided. Worth every penny of the subscription fee.

Since subscribing to Inform I have made consistent long term profits.

i dont bet unless i look at the inform race cards first, dont feel like wasting my money.

I know nothing about horse racing so with this system builder they have in place i have managed to make money out of this subscription.

My betting has always revolved about using the form book but i was looking to incorporate speed figures to work along side form of my bets and I googled speed ratings and Inform Racing popped up that was 3-4 years ago and I'm still a subscriber today the System Builder is a great addition to finding winners.

Value for money, so many ways to play with the ratings, ian always helpful in answering questions or querys and easy to use and get used to.

This is a really informative and successful service and I don’t think I would bet on the horses without it now.

Great site ,worth the money.

An excellent site, and always helpful with prompt replies when required. Thank you again.

Inform Racing was good when I first subscribed....but now WOW!!! The information and features have come on in leaps and bounds. The ratings were and still are the best around.

Comprehensive horse racing database all in one accessible place offering good value


Inform racing has helped me go from a lockdown unemployed middle aged man into a man whose only income now comes from horse racing.

I have been a member for 5 months and have made a profit every month using your purchased system portfolio.

Having been a hit and miss / highs and lows type of bettor I found Inform Racing a way to hugely increase my discipline and to become far more selective with my bets. I finally learnt that there is always tomorrow and that some days there are no opportunities that tick all of the boxes. This has allowed me to increase my bet size whilst I believe has also reduced my risk and has certainly reduced my number of losing days.

I have found many big priced winners over the years that I would never have found on my own. I would recommend Inform racing to anyone looking to find an edge.

Inform Racing is easy to use, is loaded with information and is very affordable.

Inform Racing provides an opportunity to novices like me to understand Speed ratings, Form, Ability etc, and provides a way to get involved and profit from Horse Racing.


Great site which provides excellent race stats. Its the only place I go to; to create my daily betting opportunities.

I tried many rating website but when i used informracing it totally changed the way to find big winners. I think its more than 3 yrs i m using this website and making profit every year.

Before joining I was no expert on horses but I found the ready made systems, together with several easy to follow tutorial videos, gave me confidence to place bets into the market. As you become more familiar with the systems you are able to create your own, using the information in the data banks going back years in any combination you can think of and test them, at no risk, before going live. A simple to follow process I would recommend to anyone whether new or experienced.

The accuracy of the ratings is incredible. There is no other site that comes as close.

Been Following all the jumps selections with the exception of National Hunt Flat from the systems portfolio offered By Inform Racing since 7th Feb up +162.5930 points on Betfair includes 2% Com deducted.

Excellent website. The system builder tool is invaluable and has allowed me to find many winners that would have gone under the radar. In the last month I have found 16/1, 14/1, 12/1 winners and numerous each way placed horses at 25/1, 20/1 etc all through using the system builder.

Have used Inform Racing for years now... There is a wealth of information for experts and novices as well... The stats can be used to make your own systems and tested against previous results... The possibilities are endless...

Been a member for many years, you will not find a better value for money horse racing rating site for UK ratings on the internet. First class customer service.

Having been a member for many years i would be lost without this very important piece of the jigsaw.

Having only been a member for a few months the site has impressed me no end so far, great value for what works out to be a small weekly outlay. I have already used the speed ratings and system builder to almost double my original balance and am confident the systems I've unearthed will keep delivering. This investment has taken me from a marginally profitable, undisciplined punter to the next level where I can make sound, consistent investments to make nice money from this hobby.

Excellent, no nonsense software. Plenty to offer both racing enthusiasts and systems geeks.

i hesitate to try and pick a horse in a race without the inform racing card, i feel it gives me that bit of an advantage, and all the info you need, also being able to create and save your own systems until you find one that works is a big plus.

If this site doesn`t help you find more winners, you must already be a very profitable punter.

I have found Inform Racing to be very helpful in my first year of subscription. I am not a great punter by any stretch of the imagination but I do enjoy checking the ratings and using the system builder (I only use four systems) on a daily basis. My one Flat racing system is currently showing a profit of £296 to a £1.00 stake since April and the other three are all in modest profit. Not great I will admit but good enough for me. Well done Ian for all your hard work, thanks.

Ian has always tried very hard to improve his site, which he has done so with flying colours.

Best racing information site on the internet as far as i'm concerned.

As a racing fan who loves ratings and producing systems, Inform Racing is the only ratings base site for me and you. It's simple format makes it easy to navigate and with the addition of the system builder along with its other features it creates a great user experience. Give it a go and I'm sure you will love it.

I have had more success since using Inform the information they provide is excellent and helps me thin each race down to hopefully the winner.

Having monitored the daily free meeting for a while, I decided to subscribe for an initial 3 months. Within the first week, I recouped my initial outlay and have never looked back. I can honestly say that since subscribing I am in profit.


I have been using inform racing for a number of years now and the number of well tipped horses it has steered me away from has saved me a fortune.

Found this site years ago. Very informative and eye-friendly. Had some great price winners and great value for money compared to other competitors. Ian adds more bells and whistles to the site by using solicited requests from his army of members. All new information is found on the login screen and in the very useful blog posts.

Just a great service, easy to follow race cards, and a second to none easy to use system builder. The declarations option makes horse selection a doddle every day.

The only sight I use. On average the monthly subscription pays for itself on the first day each month.

Invaluable tool for shortlisting and pinpointing value selections.