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Benefits of the Inform Racing System Builder

  • Analyse past racing results and create your own profitable betting systems
  • Test your ideas against our results database and gain a winning edge before you part with your money
  • See the full profit and loss for your systems up to the past 10 years, along with the longest winning/losing streaks, ROI% and more
  • Check the comprehensive results breakdown categories and clearly see where you can improve your systems
  • Test for back and lay systems by switching between the Back or Lay buttons at the top of the system builder
  • Run your systems against the days Declarations and find any bets for the day in a matter of seconds
  • Use a choice of staking plans to see how your results perform to level stakes, the percentage plan, 80/20 betting, each way and more.

It all starts when you have a (bad) idea...

....that combining Jockey X with Trainer X at Goodwood, with horses between the ages of 4 and 9, on Good to Soft ground or better, over a mile or further could be a winning angle after noting two or three recent winners. However after wasting weeks of valuable time paper trading or worse still using real money betting your selections, you find out it was a bad idea from the start and are already £££'s out of pocket.

...but we have the solution for you

Now you can run your own system tests beforehand and then tweak or change the rules for the best way of finding the most profitable angles.

  • Multiple combinations of form criteria at your disposal
  • Over 200 form and breakdown categories
  • Test both Back and Lay systems with or without commission
  • Save your systems and upload them again to re-test an idea or check latest results
  • Find your saved system declarations for the day in seconds.
  • Test your systems against a number of different staking plans.

Introduction video. Click image to play

System Builder 2 Inform Racing

Now you don't have to be a racing expert to start winning at horse racing.

Test any systematic idea you may have, however simple or complex, then add or remove categories and tweak the data to find the best rules and results for your system. You can then save these and start betting on future selections knowing that you are betting on proven and winning statistical research.

We give you over 70 categories and sub categories to choose from inside the system builder so there are thousands of race form combinations that can be found and used to turn your ideas in real betting systems.

Research any number of form angles or combine the form with or without the speed ratings.

Our speed ratings perform very well throughout the year but how do the top rated horses perform at certain courses, or how do they do on the flat against over the jumps, or when the starting price was less than 10/1? Well now you can run a simple query on the system builder and find out for yourself.

You can of course use the system builder for systems that don't include any speed ratings data, just racing form, or combine the two together.

For example you can:

  • See how top rated horses that were 3, 5, 10 (or any number) clear of the second rated horse have fared.
  • See how the top 3 rated horses last time out fared in Handicap Chases or Maidens.
  • Look for 3 year old colts who have had 5 or less runs, who finished 5th or worse last time out with a BSP of 9 or less.
  • Find horses that led in their last 3 races, that were first or second favourites on Good or Good to Firm ground.
  • How any Trainer performs when running horses again withing 7 days, or how they do with 2 year olds, or over 5 or 6 furlongs.
  • Or how about, geldings and mares only, whose last time out starting price was 6/1 or less, in Handicap races, with between 5 and 40 previous runs, who have either never won before or if they have it must have been over 35 days ago, where the Trainer has had a better than 15% strike rate in the last 14 days and drawn in stall number 7 or less unless it was a jump race in which case ignore the draw.
  • The combinations really are endless.

See a breakdown of your results and find where you can improve your system ideas

Once you have run your system you will see a breakdown of results that divides all of the form into separate groups. This will help you see where your best results are so that you can improve your strike rate and/or profits.

Below is an example of just a few of the breakdown categories we have, with results from a profitable system concerning a certain jumps trainer. Looking at the Race Distance breakdown you can clearly see that the distances this trainer excels at are between 17 furlongs and 21 furlongs, (2m 1f and 2m 5f), as the high strike rates and profits are all within this range.

System Builder 2 Inform Racing

This is an excellent example of how the result breakdowns will act as your filters and save you hours of research as you can see very clearly what is best for your system and what will be best leaving out.

I personally had a number of systems that have been improved dramatically since we added the result breakdowns and they are now all running at their optimum levels because I was able to see what part of my rules were working for me and more importantly, those that weren't.

Use The Staking Machine (TSM) software and enhance your results

Once you have your system and are happy with the results, you can download the full list directly into TSM and run these against numerous back and lay staking plans. Play around with the system builder and TSM and it won't be long before you have a set of rules and staking plan that you know will give you a profit long into the future.

Apart from finding hugely profitable systems, you will also find systems that make less of a profit but have short losing runs and these are just the systems that are ideal to use along with a good staking plan.  

Visit The Staking Machine here >>

It's all about the Micro System

A micro system is a system that concentrates on a very niche angle with just a few, simple rules, such as a particular Trainer in just one or two months of the year, in staying handicaps for example. A successful micro system like this is not going to give too many bets each year but the strike rate can be high and the profits will be consistent.

A micro system may only produce between 15 and 40 points profit for the whole year but when you have 8, 9, or 10 of these jewels you can start betting with real confidence knowing that past racing form is very likely to repeat itself and to the benefit of your betting bank!

The possibilities are endless...

...but we have only just started. We already have more additions in the pipeline for future upgrades that will make your research of past form and the search for that unique and profitable betting system, even easier and even faster.

There are already thousands of combinations you can use with the system builder and even complex queries with multiple categories and sub categories are taking less than 2 seconds to run.

All you need is the germ of an idea and in no time at all you will be able to play around with that idea and the results it produces and create something use able, continuously testable and most important of all, profitable. 

And you can find declarations as well as past results.

Once you have saved your system rules, you can now run them against the days declarations and instantly get all of your system bets for the day. No trawling through the race cards going through hundreds of system rules for each race for hours on end, just upload the rules, switch between Results and Declarations at the top of the system builder, hit apply and bingo! Your bets are all listed nicely for you in race time order.

But there's more, because you can also use the declarations builder without a saved system to find any number of horses that qualify under whatever rules you wish to use.

  • Want to find all horses running today that have been dropped in the handicap, who have won at least three times on the forecast going and at least once at the distance, that ran within the last 30 days? 
  • Or maybe you are looking for horses that are forecast at 5/1 or less, trained by Nicky Henderson, that are running in non handicaps over a distance of between two and three miles? Again, not a problem!
  • It's easy! Just add your rules to the declarations builder and all qualifying horses on the day will be listed for you.

The declarations feature will save you hours each day going through the race cards and by being able to quickly find all kinds of horses that you wouldn't have even bothered looking for before because of the time it would have taken, it will make you a more confident and successful punter too. 

All you need are a few ideas and a subscription to Inform Racing

Unlimited access to the system builder is available with all Inform Racing subscriptions, so start turning your ideas into money right now and join today.

24th May 2023

"Btw I really liked the new additions you added to the system builder, especially the BSP 1st Fav Odds option which I’ve aligned with most of my systems. Its definitely had a positive effect on the overall profitability which is great!"

24th May 2023

"By the way I’m absolutely loving the system builders. The breakdowns are a game changer, Cheers."

31st October 2022

"Hi Ian, been with  you for a few months now and your system builder with results breakdown is absolutely awesome. I am currently working on trainer profiling at specific courses, within a few clicks you can generally see a pattern forming, whether it’s a distance, race type, month of the year or when a specific jockey takes the reins at that course and history does seem to repeat itself for a lot of trainers as they specialise on certain conditions. Many Thanks. "

31st October 2022

"It is definitely addictive (The Inform Racing system builder) and it takes the data you've compiled over the years to a totally new level. I will definitely be renewing my membership in November."

31st October 2022

"This system builder is on a different level. Best money I have spent and I know in the long run this will pay off."

23rd July 2022

"Thank you for the further development of the already excellent system builder, very exciting times."

30th June 2022

"Fantastic thanks Ian. Inform Racing is first class and has changed the way I bet for the better, system builder tool is a revelation."

8th January 2022

"I'm a big fan of the System Builder, I've been using it daily for the last few months and am making a consistent profit, so thanks!"

3rd October 2021

"Love the system builder, it's helped me find plenty of winners since the new year and profit which is key." 

11th July 2021

"Thanks Ian top work with the system builder by the way , it’s amazing."

11th May 2021

"Hi Ian, the extra info on system builder is a game changer and for someone like me who likes stats etc, very addictive." 

6th May 2021

"I have also added bundles of profit to my existing system using the additional breakdowns on the system builder by the way."

6th May 2020

"A friend introduced me to your service last year and I must say it is excellent. I'm a data engineer by trade, and I have been able to run some tests in your System Builder to find a handful of profitable systems that have more than covered the subscription price."