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Profitable Betting Systems 
Available For You To Start Using Right Now

Using our system builder we have done the work for you and created 73 backing and laying systems for all year round on the flat, the jumps and the all weather. 

44 Backing Systems and 29 Laying Systems 

Each system has made a profit every year since the start of

2018 except one laying system that has had just the one losing

year and in total these would have made you thousands and thousands of pounds.

Do you want to invest in your future betting success?

Then just plug in and play these systems today. 

Take a look the results of this system below. Over £2,000 profit to just £1 stakes, a profit of nearly 50p in every pound staked and an average winning BSP of 10.78, or better than 9/1.

You can then see the yearly profits made since 2018, in the P/L to BSP column are all just to £1 and have already had the maximum 5% commission substracted, so it is very likely that you could have even improved on these profits further.

This particular system is called Back_Hcp_FirstTime and looks at profitable horses to back when running first time in handicaps. It is one of the most profitable systems we have and there are many, many more available for you today.

Want to know how to almost guarantee your success? 

Before you take a look at all of the systems that are available you may want to take a look at our Blog post, 'How To Make Money From Betting Systems'.

There is no point using any betting system if you have no idea what to stake on each bet. Even the best betting system can lead to failure if the user does not understand the basics of what he is looking at or what he is doing.

This Blog post helps you understand what staking plan to use, how to have the right midset for the inevitable losing runs and how you can use our E.L.S Calculator to work out exactly how much to bet every time, depending on which particular betting system you are using.

You need a structure and a purpose when starting to use a profitable betting system and you can read just how you can have both by clicking the link below, either now or when you want to start betting with any of our proven and profitable systems.

Now take a look at all of our systems and full results

Click the link below and you can take a look at all of our backing and laying betting systems, showing all of the statistics and profits and how you can buy any one of them, or some as a bundle, or indeed buy them all, just by clicking the amount in the right hand column.

You will be able to see the number of bets, the total profits to £1, the longest losing streak and the edge that you have over what the longest losing streak should be given the number of bets and strike rate.

You will then see the strike rate and return on investment, per £1 staked (ROI%), the price of the average winning BSP (Betfair Starting Price) and the Chi score, which is a number calculated to see if your system results have been down to just luck or whether the results suggest you have a solid chance of continuing to succeed. Anything 8 or over is fantastic and as you will see the majority of our systems are well over 8.

Next you have the actual to expected figure, where anything 1 or better is positive, followed yearly profits to just £1 for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and finally the average yearly profits for each system.


72 out of the 73 systems have made a profit in each of the 5 years since 2018 and that is quite remarkable I am sure you will agree.

Prove all results to yourself...

Remember, when you receive your systems bundle you can run all of the systems through the system builder and prove to yourself that all of the results and profits you are shown are 100% correct.

(You will need a subscription to Inform Racing to use these systems and to load them into the system builder. They do not come in plain text or PDF format.)

... and get all daily selections in seconds

Using the Inform Racing System Builder you can load the systems and get any selections for the day in seconds.

All you need to do is check which all weather meetings are being run on the day, if there are any of course, then load the systems for those courses and find your bets.

You can find out about some of our systems and bundles on the links below too,

but all 73 systems we have on offer are shown on the link above.

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