10 Jump Trainers Betting Systems 2021/22
+1 Additional Bonus System
"It's all about the micro-systems!"
Over £30,000 profit in total.

We have put together 10 betting systems concerning some of the smaller jump trainers who keep their winning conditions well under the radar, but we have unearthed some gems for you here that you can really go to war with. There are stats for both Winter and Summer jumping, so these will work for you all year round.

A micro system is a system that drills deep down into the winning conditions of a horse, a jockey or as we have here, a Trainer. This reduces the number of bets but greatly increases the strike rate and overall profit as we are only looking to bet when the Trainer is running a horse when he or she has everything in place. Total profits for each year for each Trainer may not be huge but when you use more than one micro-system, you will benefit from lots of smaller, annual wins which will add up to a very nice overall profit.

You can now get your hands on these systems and start winning over the jumps.

A total of over £30,000 profit to just £10 stakes

Over £24,000 profit to £10 stakes to win bets

Over £6,000 profit to £0 stakes to place betting only

Using the Inform Racing system builder all systems have been tested back to the start of the 2011 season, if some of the results don't show back that far, it just means that those trainers in this list haven't been training for that long.

We have set a maximum BSP for all systems at 51.0 so that no outrageous

one off wins will be able to skew the overall results.

Not every year for each Trainer has been successful but over 80% of all years have been in total. Unlike horses who only run when they are ready, Trainers do have ups and downs in their fortunes over time, such as viruses in the yard, so the fact that over 80% of the years have made a profit, should be taken as a massive positive for these systems long term. 

See a summary of results for each of the 10 Trainers and their systems below.

1. Donald Mccain

Below you can see the number of bets for Donald Maccain is 238, with 75 winners at an impressive strike rate of 31.51%

The profit to BSP , including less 5% commission off all winning bets is 270.83 points, or £2,708.30 to just £10 stakes. The maximum losing streak was just 12 bets and there is also a ridiculous Return On Investment of over 113%!

With a massive 62% of all bets placing, there is a super profit just backing to place of over 100 points, or £1,000 to £10 stakes. Back on the top line you can see that the average winning BSP is 7.09 and on the second table you see the stats for each separate year, with this one going back as far as the start of 2017.

2. James Moffatt

Whilst there are 5 losing years here, the losses are very small but from 2017 you can see whilst the bets are rare, the strike rates are superb with nearly a 50% strike rate so far in 2021. Plus an average winning BSP of over 9.0!

3. Kerry Lee

Super overall strike rate here and the last two years have improved on that too with both close to a 40% strike rate. Well worth waiting for these bets and note the longest losing run is just 7 and another good average winning BSP of 8.41.

4. Milton Harris

Only three years of results here but the profits have been steadily increasing, with a great average winning BSP again of over 8.

5. Neil King

A stuttering start to the results here back from 2011 but since 2018 when the number of bets has increased, so have the profits very nicely too. Average winning BSP here of over 10 so stick with this one for some nice priced winners.

6. Neil Mulholland

Not too much to say here apart from a very nice profit overall and as you can see, the last four years have been a big improvement which bodes well for the future.

7. N W Alexander

Just the one losing year here and small loss way back in 2013 but the profits are steady for both win and place bets with a fair number of bets so far each year.

8. Sue Smith

Again just the one losing here and an even smaller loss of just 1.79 points but a steady number of bets each year plus one of the best overall profits from the 10 systems here, along with an average winning BSP of 8.24.

9. Tom Symonds

Few bets with this one but some super strike rates including 44.44% in 2020 and so far 30% this year. Check the average winning BSP too of over BSP 12 plus a whacking great ROI of 211%!

10. Venetia Williams

A few less bets this year but still a nice profit of over 43 points from just 18 bets and a total of over 440 points profit backing win and place.

Bonus Jump Racing System

This system concerns Trainers who again are not household names but have excelled in certain Chase races over the years. The number of bets each year has been fairly consistent but the strike rates and profits have increased in recent years, due to these Trainers honing their skills in these particular races.

All of these systems can be run through the Inform Racing system builder and using our unique Result Breakdown tables, which breaks down each form category for you so you can see what works and what doesn't, you may even be able to improve on these systems, however I am sure you will agree that they promise to be worth following as a full and complete jumps betting portfolio as they are.

Quickly get all of the selections each day

Once you have the set of systems, simply upload each one into the system builder, click the Declarations button at the top and get a full list of any selections neatly in race time order


A total of over £30,000 profit to just £10 stakes

Over £24,000 profit to £10 stakes to win bets

Over £6,000 profit to £0 stakes to place betting only

And an average overall winning BSP of 8.88.

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