The UK's #1 Horse Racing Speed Ratings Tool. Flat and Jumps

User friendly speed ratings with 3 advanced features for the novice and professional

1. Speed Ratings, Race Cards and Form

Combine our unique speed ratings with our quick view race stats and highlight the winners that others won't see. Click the left image and see how quickly you can read all the form.

"After using a rival product for a number of years I’ve given yours a go and what a product it is. The speed figures are unbelievable I’m backing with confidence and will be renewing my sub when my 3 months ends for the year. Wish I’d done this years ago." Anthony

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2. System Builder/Declarations Builder

Analyse past form and research what wins and what doesn't before you place any money. Then find your bets each day in seconds by switching from Results to Declarations.

"May I take this opportunity to congratulate you for major changes over the past months. Especially System Builder and Declarations builder. Inform racing is now a very special tool for me." Brian

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3. Betting Tissue Tool

Create your own betting tissue and find the correct value price for each runner. Plus use the tool to create your own unique ratings too.

"For me the betting tissue tool is the icing on cake!!!! What I'm most impressed about Ian, is that you dont stand still, you keep trying to evolve. Inform is by far the longest I've kept a subscription going and that says plenty!!" Neil

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All from just £3.85 for a whole week. Less than most people place on one bet!

“Just wanted to drop you a sincere note of thanks. Due to your ratings service, for the first time in seven years, I know understand the sport of horse racing.  Inform Racing has made it easy for me to analyse a race, and more importantly, to learn which races to avoid. I have subscribed to almost every ratings service in the UK. None compare to Inform Racing. Finally, horse racing is both profitable and convivial. Thank you for all the hard work.”


“Hi Ian,thanks for your prompt attention. By last Sunday I was hopeful that I had found a way to boil the top master rated horses down to one bet per race or on a few occasions two. Well I have to say I am staggered, after 50 years as an on and off punter I never  thought I would see anything like it…in the last 7 days 71 bets have produced 28 winners at all prices up to 20-1 and over 80 points profit to level stakes…its sheer fantasy stuff really but that’s what has happened. Once more many thanks for a wonderful service,wish I had found it years ago.”


“As a serious punter I find the information and ratings you produce are as important to me as form info from the Racing Post. Anyone who takes the time to use the information thoughtfully and selectively will be well rewarded. This is the best value resource on the web and should be an ESSENTIAL tool for anyone who bets on horse racing.” 


Why Choose Inform Racing?

Unique, manually calculated speed ratings

Inform Racing ratings are compiled manually by hand, using a calculator, pen and paper as well as human experience, allowing for discrepancies regarding goings, track conditions and rail movements etc. to all be ironed out at source.

Most other speed ratings are calculated using a computer programme, feeding in race times and ‘official goings’, which are often frighteningly wide of the mark, spitting out any old number to satisfy the users who believe they are getting an accurate record of a horses performance. 

These simply cannot be as accurate because it is the understanding of everything other than the clocked time that makes our ratings so valuable.

Positive reviews and testimonials

Over the years we have received hundreds and hundreds of testimonials from happy subscribers who are delighted that they have subscribed to Inform Racing and started to profit from the speed ratings.

You can see three random testimonials above and there are more posted around the site that will hopefully prove to you that we provide an excellent product, an honest service and at a very fair price, as we have been doing since we began online back in the Summer of 2003.

I believe the reason we have been so successful for so long is that we continue to provide a service that helps users find winners and make money from their horse racing betting.

Three great features, one subscription

We are always improving Inform Racing and continue to add extra, beneficial features at no extra cost that subscribers can use to make it easier to find winners on a daily basis.

The speed ratings are the main attribute and rightly so but the other two main features, the system builder and the betting tissue tool give users additional tools that when used alone or together, provide the ultimate horse racing tool kit.

Affordable value

With subscriptions starting from just £3.85 per week, more than most punters spend on one single bet, you can be sure that you are getting your moneys worth with Inform Racing.

Options include 1, 3 or 12 month subscriptions and they all include full and unlimited acces to all of the speed rating race cards, with their quick view race stats and form. The system builder and the betting tissue tool.

To make money from horse racing you need something different, so start something different here today.

It is common knowledge that you won’t win money betting on horses knowing the same obvious things that other punters know. You win money by knowing important things that other punters don’t know and don't do. Despite everything, speed ratings are still under rated and therefore under used but they clearly give our users the edge that they are looking for, allowing them to back hundreds of winners at double figure odds that, according to most other punters, were never really in with any chance.


"Ian just had a wonderful top rated LTO from you. RED PIKE WON 33/1. Thanks buddy."


“Just couldn’t believe that a top rated speed figured horse could go off at Betfair 24.19 (Won 16/1), in a 5 horse race. Almost all the indicators screaming back me! Paid the subs and then some……Your figures just keep on producing…………..Get in.”

David T

"Hi Ian. As you know, I didn't re-subscribe for a couple of months - nothing to do with your service but entirely due to personal circumstances. Just 6 days after my return and a strike rate of just less than 50% and 40 points in front has repaid that decision handsomely. Whilst all the attention was on Cheltenham  I only had one bet there - e/w placed at 16/1 - the ratings were pointing out rich pickings elsewhere. Even though I was aware of the quality of the Inform ratings, I doubt I would have believed anyone who told me I could cover my annual subscription in under a week even if I'd bet just fivers! Thanks for your hard work in continuing to develop the service further."

Martin S

"This is my first message since joining Inform Racing a couple of months ago and I must say how impressed I am. Your speed figures have revolutionised my results and I am optimistic on achieving significant profits for my first 12 months."