How To Make Money When Backing Favourites

I was looking at the stats regarding the favourites recently and as you will probably be aware, they generally win about 35% of all races.This figure has increased over the past few years, probably down to how accurate the odds have become on the betting exchanges and predominantly Betfair.I say accurate, but of course this […]

System Builder Additions

We have made some additions to the system builder in the last few weeks, including a new feature that will help those who like to trade in running.First of all we have tidied up the drop down list of rules that can be used, by dividing the ‘Horse’ group into three.We now have the general […]

The A/E Statistic In Horse Racing

The A/E statistic in horse racing is also known as the Actual vs. Expected ratio. It is a measure commonly used to assess the profitability of betting selections.This statistic helps bettors and analysts evaluate how well a particular set of criteria or factors predicts the actual outcomes of horse races.The formula for A/E is quite […]

System Builder Update – Choose From 219 Results Breakdown Categories

We have now added the ability for users to choose from a massive 219 different form and ratings Result Breakdown categories, rather than just the 43 we had set as the default previously.Those 43 are still set as default and if you want to keep those then you don’t need to do anything.However, you are […]

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