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The A/E Statistic In Horse Racing

The A/E statistic in horse racing is also known as the Actual vs. Expected ratio. It is a measure commonly used to assess the profitability of betting selections.This statistic helps bettors and analysts evaluate how well a particular set of criteria or factors predicts the actual outcomes of horse races.The formula for A/E is quite […]

Is Value Betting Just Backing Horses At Big Odds?

I have been looking more and more at backing horses at bigger prices lately, mainly as a result of sending out some daily selections to subscribers, which at first included two win bets and an each way bet each day.After five months I decided to stop posting the win bets, as despite a not too […]

Won 50/1, Won 18/1, Placed 33/1 – Spotting Big Priced Opportunities

Big priced winners do come in perhaps more often than you may think but in some handicap races where the favourite is 3/1, 4/1 or bigger, you can find yourself some excellent betting opportunities on the outsiders.And in all honesty these are not at all impossible to find – if you know what you are […]

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