Using The Daily Stats Table in Reverse

We updated the Daily Stats Table recently and when we did so, I wrote a post about what it all means and how you can use it to your advantage. The link to that post is below.

I take a look at the table each morning just to see if something catches my eye and I often try to look at different things by sorting all of columns and comparing stats with the handicap marks and forecast prices etc..

There is a column on the table called 'Total' and this is a total of all the percentages each horse has for all of the different form criteria and is there to give you an idea on the possible strength of each runner.

I was looking yesterday at something an in a way it reminded me of a blog post I wrote way, way, way back in 2015 about looking at horses with poor recent form figures that seem to be priced up shorter than they possibly should be.

You can take a look at that post on the link below.

What I did yesterday

First of all I sorted the forecast price column by lowest at the top and then I thought about looking at the Total column of some of those forecast at shorter prices.

The Daily Stats Table doesn't show you any form figures but it gives you the win percentage of a runner over eight different form criteria, so in a way you would expect most of those forecast at a shorter price to have a decent sized total number.

First of all, the table only shows horses that have had at least 5 runs, so it could obviously be horses that have run just 5 or 6 times before that are forecast at short prices but in the main the idea was to try and find horses that have a low total figure that also had a low forecast price.

I decided to look at all horses with a forecast price of 11/4 or less, that also had a total figure of less than 100.

Overall I think that about one third of all horses have a total score of over 100, very roughly and it would be most of these I would expect to be the 'fancied' horses.

The image below, which you can click to enlarge, shows all horses forecast at 11/4 or less yesterday and you can see from the Total column, there were 9 horses that scored less than 100

Using The Daily Stats Table in Reverse Inform Racing

If we take  the 20.00 race at Wolverhampton and the horse Billian as a good example, you can see that the horse has just 1 placed effort and no wins in the same race code from 13 attempts. (Race Code is specifically races on just the all weather, flat turf, chase, hurdles or NHFlat).

It had also placed just once from 20 runs over the Distance, along with other quite low stats overall, yet was forecast at 6/4.

Individual Daily Stats Tables

There is also a Daily Stats Table for each race which you can open by clicking the link below each race card and it can help you narrow down the field or spot something that you hadn't seen before on the race card.

See the table below for the the 18.00 race at Kempton. You can see that the top two in the Total column are Bawaader and Dynakite, quite a away clear of the third horse on 88.

You can also see that Bawaader has not yet won a handicap race whilst Dynakite is running today off 7 lbs lower than it's last all weather winning handicap mark.

Using The Daily Stats Table in Reverse Inform Racing

If you take a look at the race card below you will also see that Dynakite is joint second top rated with 80 and Bawaader is only rated 76 and is forecast very short at 6/4.

Despite being forecast at 20/1, Dynakite went off at 6/1 and won the race by a neck. Bawaader finished 7th as an 11/8 flop.

Using The Daily Stats Table in Reverse Inform Racing

I have selected a race here that suits all of these details and the theme of this blog post but you can see how you can combine the race cards and the speed ratings with the daily stats table information to come up with some decent value bets.

Or at least make more of an informed decision on a race or the racing for the whole day, very quickly.

Take a look at the video

Click the video below to watch a short overview of the updates we have made to the Daily Stats Table and see the number of ways that you can use it now to either back, lay or just filter your horses for the day, by seeing all runners form details on one easily accessible table.

You can choose to watch it on YouTube or click the link here >>

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