New System Builder Categories May 2023

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These will be added and updated to the system builder sometime later this evening or tomorrow morning, (Sun 7th May or Mon 8th May).

I will also expand on these a bit more in time and add some videos if necessary but this is just a quick overview to let you know what could be possible with these for the moment.

New Categories

1. Number Of Bends 8f Or Less

Lets you look at races of 1 mile or less where the races are run around a bend or more bends, or if it is run on a straight track = 0 bends, as on the image below.

New System Builder Categories May 2023 Inform Racing

Not all courses that have bends are exactly round or oval like Chester or Wolverhampton for example, so on some I have had to make a decision on what is a bend and what is just an exaggerated dog leg on the course.

When I update the Categories page with these additions I will show the courses and the number of bends I have added here.

2. BHA Rating To Last HcpWin Same Code

This will allow you to find horses that ran below, equal to or above their last winning handicap mark, in the same race code. So this will be specifically for All Weather, Flat Turf, Chase and Hurdle races

The image below, which you can click to enlarge, shows a query for all horses running with a handicap mark today that is 3 or more, less than their last winning mark in the same code.

Note it is a -3 for three below the last winning mark. You could have less or equal than a positive 3 which would then give horses that were 3 higher, 2 higher, 1 higher, those on the same mark and those that have anything less than their last winning mark.

-4,-3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4

New System Builder Categories May 2023 Inform Racing

3. Trainer First Time

Horses often move stables and sometimes this change of scene or training routine can be positive for a horse. So here you can see horses that are having their first run for a new Trainer since their previous run by ticking the Yes box on the category.

Obviously this doesn't count horses that have having their first ever run.

New System Builder Categories May 2023 Inform Racing

4. Bsp 1st Fav, 2nd Fav and 3rd Fav

The price of the first three in the market, especially the price of the favourite, can have an affect on the chances of the other horses in a race.

Odds on favourites win more often than those that start at 3/1, so you may have a system that looks okay but it may be that eliminating races where the favourite was 2/1 or less, or maybe 4/1 or bigger, the system could improve dramatically, depending on your other system rules.

You can do this for all of the first three Bsp favourites.

New System Builder Categories May 2023 Inform Racing

5. Odds as % 1st Fav, 1st -2nd Fav, 1st to 3rd Fav

Similar to the odds of the favourite but showing the odds as a percentage. Also the three here are grouped together always including the favourite.

Useful if you are dutch betting here, you can see the overall percentage of the one, two or three favs together, then work out what profit or loss it will or would have given you.

New System Builder Categories May 2023 Inform Racing

I use the Fairbot software to place bets and below you can see an example of the percentages in action, where I have selected the first two favs. You can see that the total percentage, or Book Value, for these two is 45.6%

For a stake of £20 this would mean a profit of £23.89 or £23.86 if either of these two won and you can do this for dutch laying too.

New System Builder Categories May 2023 Inform Racing

Please note. As BSP's aren't an exact number such as 4.5 and are all rounded up by Betfair, these percentages in particular cannot be absolutely 100% correct. However within a slim margin of error it will give you a very good overall idea of the results here.

6. Default Commission

The default commission amount on the system builder has been changed from 5% to 2% as 2% is now widely available on the exchanges. 

You can still choose any percentage between 1% and 5% or indeed choose to have none. If you are using 5% for your exchange betting, then switching to 2% will make quite a difference to your overall profits.

7. Furlongs DifSinceLastRace

This allows you see how horses have fared if they are going up or down in distance since their last race.

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