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It would be hard to say you've created the best horse racing betting system ever, but...

..."Could this actually be the best horse racing betting system ever!"

** Runs for just 4 months each year, August to November
** Has an average WINNING BSP of 47.71 ! (that's forty seven point seven one)
** Has made over 1,050 pts profit since 2018 
** Would have made a total of over £72,000,000,

(seventy two million), starting with a £500 bank and using just 1% of the bank on each bet! - That is, If you were able to keep up the stakes which ended at over £1,500,00 on each bet :)

If these sort of profits and stats interest you, then read on for more of a breakdown.

First of all let's admit that firstly, we will never be able to get one and a half million pounds on one horse and secondly, even if we wanted to and if we could, I think most of use would have stopped when the bank had reached a million or two, jacked in the day job and retired. 

However a system that has an average winning BSP of 47.71, a highest winning BSP of 91.87 and a lowest winning BSP of 21.0 and only needs looking at between August and November does demand a closer look at the very least.

Let's look at the overall stats, taken from 2018 to 2021.

Overall stats 2018 - 2021

All images on the page can be clicked to enlarge if needed.

The image below shows the overall summary stats for between 2018 and 2021. As you can see that over the four years there has been 440 bets, an average of about 110 bets per year and that the profit to £1 or one point is 1,057.47, which includes 5% commission removed from all winning bets. That is an average of more than 250 pts profit in just 4 months each year.

There is also a positive edge on the number of expected losers in a row of over 25%, a chi score of over 45, where a score of just 8, 9 or 10 is considered to be excellent and the A/E value of 3.01, looking at the index of actual winners to expected winners where anything over 1 is a positive.

If I am honest I don't think I have seen any system provide an A/E value of over 3 and even 2 is pretty rare as well.

The Results to staking plan, shows the ridiculous but incredible overall profit of nearly £73,000,000, starting with a £500 bank and betting 2% of the bank on each bet. Note, that the system builder uses the first stake as the minimum bet, so if the bank drops below the starting amount, you will continue to use that stake until you are back in profit.

Losing runs.

So the profits are phenomenal but the biggest downside would probably be the longest losing streak of 58 losers on the trot. It isn't something we would want but to be fair, if you have yourself set up from the start knowing this is possible, then you can at least plan for the worst. 

Inform Racing subscribers can download a free longest losing run calculator that will work out the best staking depending on the bets, strike rate and longest losing run of any system, which sets you up correctly from the beginning to cope with any number of losing runs. (Subscribers can follow the Downloads link when logged in.)

Despite this longest losing run of 58, using the calculator above tells us that the expected number of losers for this system is 78, so we do have a massive 25% edge on this stat already. The other downside maybe the strike rate of just 7.5% but hey, what do you expect when you are betting at such large odds.

To be honest, I think 7.5% is quite big strike rate for the average winning odds of BSP 47.71, especially when the strike rate for horses winning between 40/1 and 50/1 is only about 1.5%.

Finally, the lowest point the bank reached from the £500 we started with £349.12, so a loss of £150.88 before the bank got back into the black and went on from there. 

The staking plan.

The staking plan we are using is the Percentage staking plan, where you place a set percentage of the bank on every bet. As you can see in the settings on the system builder, we have this set as a £500 starting bank, using 2% of the bank on each bet, so the first stake would have been £10.

There are two ways that you can calculate the correct staking by either using the longest losing run calculator, (actual to expected losing runs), or looking at the biggest drawdown of your betting systems, which is the biggest drop in points from a high to a low. Both of these calculators are free to download for subscribers.

Our calculated percentage.

As it turns out, because the longest losing run coincided with the largest drawdown point of time, both total up to around 58. The calculation that we then made tells us that the best percentage of the bank to use on each bet would be between 0.69% and 1.5%. I am going to simplify this for us here and go around the middle of these two and use 1%.

Running the system through again using 1% stakes of a £500 starting bank.

As you can see below, this would still have given us an overall profit of over one million pounds using the percentage staking plan starting from August 1st 2018. The stakes would still be too high probably for horses at these prices with the last bet requiring a stake of over £1,000 but maybe you know a freindly bookie who will take those bets for you!

Even using level stakes.

Of course you don't have to start with £500, or stake 1% of the bank on each bet.  The superb results that this system has provided will still have given an overall profit to £1 stakes of £1,057, in what is really just 16 months of betting. 

It wouldn't take a mathematician (although I will need to use my calculator), to work out that at just £15 level stakes, you would have made nearly £16,000 thus far. Over £3,9750 a year for just 4 months betting, August to November that would certainly have set you up for a nice Christmas!

But what about each year individually?

Of course it is unlikely that anyone would start betting on these selections and continue for four years without stopping, taking some money out or whatever. So now let's see what would happen if you had bet to the staking plan using a new £500 bank each year and 1% stakes, as well as level stakes, in each of the four years.

This would seem far more sensible and something that we could all probably do and achieve.


Here you can see that a profit to 1 point of 87.51 was made, so £87.51 using £1 level stakes. Increase the stakes to £15 and the profit would have been £1,312.65.

Using the suggested staking plan and 1% of the £500 starting bank would have meant a £382.64 profit, (total bank at the end was £882.64, less the £500 we started with). The first stake would have been £5 and worked up to the last stake of £8.92. Either way, its not quite a million, but it is a very decent profit whichever way you look at it.


Now this is the year I would have liked to have started using this system!

Over 450 points to level stakes, or a huge £15,600 profit using the 1% staking plan starting out with just £500. Stakes were still acceptable at just over £163 on the last bet and as I closed this system on the final day of November, I would have been immediately searching online for 'Winter breaks in the Caribbean' , whilst cracking open a cold beer!

And remember, all of the results include 5% commission taken from all winning BSP bets, so if you are paying less commission, you could have won even more. You can change the commission settings on the system builder from between 1% and 5% or none at all.


Another superb year!

Very similar overall profits to level stakes and percentage staking plan in 2020 as in 219. I mean, over 470 points in just four months is something you would be delighted with in a year or even two. 

With another £14,000 or so to add to to the two previous years would leave us with over £30k in the bank, just starting out each time with a £500 bank.

You can also see that in this year as well as in 2019, the A/E actuallly increased from the average, along with the strike rates, both around 10%, whilst the longest losing runs were reduced dramatically. 

Maybe another dream vacation to the Maldives this Winter, paid for in just 4 months of betting :) 


Back down to earth with a gentle yet comfortable little bump and a profit overall but not quite what we had been getting used to. All of the stats are still very positive and hey, a 44 point profit to level stakes or an extra £132 pound in the bank just for placing 97 bets over a four month period, can't be sniffed at.

It would have been worth it just for backing the big 40/1 winner at BSP 70.0!

Regarding the rules.

There are 13 rules for this system and whilst it would be possible to work through them each day to find any selections, it would take a fair bit of time, bearing in mind you can just load the rules into the Inform Racing system builder and get any selections each day in a flash.

There is one rule that requires the 'Run Style' of the horse not to be a 1, meaning by our Inform Racing stats, the horse should not be a dedicated front runner. You can find the run style of a horse on a lot of websites these days but to be sure you are getting the absolute correct selections, you will need to be a subscriber to Inform Racing and use the system builder.

You will also need to know there are 6 runners or more at the off, which is fairly simple.

There are two rules that you need to be aware of regarding the BSP, or Betfair Starting Price.

The price of the horse at the off must be between 21 and 101 and the horse must be within the BSP rank order of between 5th and 9th favourite. 

The first of these is fairly simple to check or set as an automation rule if using bet placement software such as Fairbot. The second is not so simple but is absolutely possible.

Results without the BSP range rule.

I have run the rules through the system builder without the 'BSP range between 5 and 9' rule and the results are certainly not disappointing, if you wanted to use this without that rule. 

Close to £1,000 profit again to just £1 stakes, excellent E.L.S Edge, Chi Score and A/E values and over half a million in total made using the staking plan.

Yearly breakdowns without the 'BSP range between 5 and 9' rule

The yearly breakdowns are also easy on the eye, again when you realise that this is just for four months of the year and not a full twelve months. 

So is this the best ever horse racing betting system ever?

In all fairness, it could be one of them but I can't judge that myself.

The profits made from just 16 months of betting over the last four years are certainly something to get excited about. As are the prices of some of those winners. Who wouldn't want the chance to back one or two at BSP 70.0, 80.0, or even 90.0!

If you end up winning £15,000 one year or more, it would cover a lot of losing years that's for sure.

I think you'll need a bit of luck with this system but if things do fall for you in just one year - and don't forget you can use this next year, the year after that and so on, then you will certainly be set to make money over the long term.

In fact, the next couple of years may prove to be average, they maybe even lose a little, but the knowledge that it recently made around £15,000 two years on the trot, has to make it worth giving this one a good go.

Who knows what will happen, but the chance of turning £500 into over £15,000, or maybe even more, in just four months is quite something. Maybe this year will be the best year yet!

Are you prepared to take a gamble, knowing that it is a system that only needs following for four months every year, it is something you can set yourself up with correctly from the start using our free calculators and maybe just pocket yourself £15K or more by the end of November?

Remember, all results shown can be checked and verified

When you have the system you can run all results through the system builder and verify everything I am showing here. 

As I said before there are 13 rules for this system and apart from the four highlighted already, I think all other rules can be found fairly simply on most race cards that are provided on line.

But again, having a subscription to Inform Racing and using the system builder you can get all declarations for this or any other system, in a matter of seconds.

So are you going to take the plunge and give this one a go?

** The system runs for just 4 months each year, August to November and since 2018;
** It has an average WINNING BSP of 47.71 !
** It has made over 1,050 pts profit 

** It has made around £15,000 twice in 2019 and 2020 starting with a

£500 betting bank and 1% stakes.

 You understand that there are no guarantees that what has happened before will happen again and the risk taken by using this system is completely down to you the user. There are no refunds made on this system once purchased.

Cost for current subscribers: £20

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 You understand that there are no guarantees that what has happened before will happen again and the risk taken by using this system is completely down to you the user. There are no refunds made on this system once purchased.

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