System Builder Update – Choose From 219 Results Breakdown Categories

We have now added the ability for users to choose from a massive 219 different form and ratings Result Breakdown categories, rather than just the 43 we had set as the default previously.

Those 43 are still set as default and if you want to keep those then you don't need to do anything.

However, you are now in total control of how you filter your betting systems, which can only be a good thing.

Not sure what Breakdowns are? 

If you are new to Inform Racing, the Result Breakdowns, filter all parts of your betting system ideas and allow you to see what parts of your system are working and what parts aren't.

Click all images to enlarge if need be.

System Builder Update - Choose From 219 Results Breakdown Categories Inform Racing

As you can see on the two quick examples above, the system I am using here for held up horses in jump races, there have been 12 filly's run for the system and none of them have won.

And whilst the loss is only small on the weights breakdown, there is definitely a drop in strike rate for those horses carrying between 9 stone and 9 stone 7 pounds.

In fact you can see the strike rate diminishing down through the weights from those that had the most weight, down to those that carried the least.

This image below is for a certain Trainer and you can clearly see what race distances they are better at training horses for and can clearly see how filtering this Trainer system for only races between 2m 1f and 2m 5f would help.

System Builder Update - Choose From 219 Results Breakdown Categories Inform Racing

So now we have 219 of these breakdown categories that you can choose from.

To get a better idea how this all works and how it looks, take a look at the video below as it should help to explain what a massive benefit these breakdowns will be towards your success.

Not only saving you time but clearly, a lot of money on wasted bets that you can now see would have been unnecessary. 

A quick note before you watch the video.

Since making the video, we have now also added the ability to save your chosen set of result breakdowns and then re load these and use them again at any time you want to. 

System Builder Update - Choose From 219 Results Breakdown Categories Inform Racing

There is an Export button so that you can save your Breakdowns to your device as a .txt file, so give it a name and save it somewhere safe in your Documents.

Then Import the file back if you need it in future, plus you can hit the Save Settings button too, which will keep that set of breakdowns open for you and will be there newt time you login.

You can save as many as you like so you could have one set that you think works best with flat racing and one for jump racing, or whatever you decide.

But don't forget, you can add any number of new breakdown categories to your saved ones at any time, so you are in total control of how you filter your own systems and ideas.

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