User Guide - Race Cards

Here the main Inform Racing race card provides all relevant speed ratings plus draw data, VDW ability ratings, run style information, links to form guides, advanced search feature and more. All cards open in race card order but all columns can be sorted by clicking the Header for each.

Key to the race card:

The yellow header shows the race time and the course for the day, course hand (right handed or left handed, course type (flat, undulating, uphill finish etc.), race title, race class in brackets and age group, Plus other details which are self explanatory.

No. is the race card number and Dr. is the draw or stall number for each runner, flat racing only. Dr% is the percentage of wins from each stall at today's course and distance with the same number of runners as today, plus and minus three.

R/S is the likely run style of each horse with 1 or 2 meaning a more prominent early position and 3 or 4 meaning the horse will probably be held up. (There is more on the run style feature further on).​

Non Runners. When a horse is greyed out as King Calypso is this means the horse is a non runner and you can update these throughout the day by refreshing the page to get the latest non runners. You can also delete these or any other horse from the card by using the Filter icon to the right of the Horse header title. How to do this is explained further on in this user guide.

The two icons before the horse name are where you hover your mouse pointer to reveal the two main form pop up boxes, details of these are below.

The Master column shows the highest rating achieved in the last twelve months.

The Lto column shows the rating achieved in the last race that the horse ran in, with the next two columns showing the rating for the two previous races run. The small number to the right of the rating is the number of days from today that each race was run.

The Avg column is the average number of the horses last three ratings.

The M+A column is the addition of the Master rating and the Avg rating showing up horses with good previous and current form.

The Cse column is the highest rating achieved at the course in the last twelve months.

The Dis column is the highest rating achieved at the race distance in the last twelve months.

The Ability and Form ratings are taken from the VDW ideology and help highlight winners in a race. The ability rating is found by adding up all winning prize money won by each horse and dividing this total by the number of wins to give an average winning prize money rating and by dividing all winning prize money by 100 and then rounding up or down, a useable number can be calculated.

The form rating is simply the addition of a horses last three finishing positions, using 10 for any position of 10 or worse. So a horse that finished 6th, 14th and 2nd in its last three races would have a form rating of 18.

The F/C column is the Forecast Starting Price taken from the Racing Post​

The links in blue underneath the card are to other features explained later. Below these you have the run style figures for the winners of the last 20 races at the course, over the same distance and with the same number of runners as today, plus and minus three. Due to certain course configurations and distances, many races are won by the same type of running style and this may highlight horses to look out for in a race. An explanation of the run style feature can also be found later on.