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Very important information.

Please read this page in full so that your subscription can be completed.

The Inform Racing speed ratings that you have signed up for are for your sole use only and must not be shared, given away for free or charged for either as another service or as information on another website paid for or otherwise.

Your passwords will only allow access to one set of passwords at any one time and will be automatically deleted if the system detects they are trying to be used more than once and in the event of this happening your subscription will be cancelled and no refunds will be made.

If for any particular reason you do need more than one access at any time please contact me with details as I can add user numbers to each set of passwords if required. If you are the only one using the passwords, logging in and out from two or more devices at different times and you are not passing on any of the ratings information then there will be no problems whatsoever.

Please fill in your name and email address connected with your payment and how you found out about Inform Racing, then read the following terms and tick the appropriate boxes to indicate you are happy with this agreement. If the ‘No’ box is ticked then your passwords will not be sent or deleted if already sent. When completed you will be returned to the Inform Racing home page

It is important that all fields are completed, thank you very much for your co-operation, it really helps.

If you have any problems at all please contact us at:

Thank you

Ian Welch