Free Meeting Access

How to access the Free Meeting.

Please note that you DO NOT need to login to access the Free Meeting!

Just go to the page link below where you will see all of the races on the Race Card table.

The Free Meeting is the meeting each day that has the earliest race of the day. You then just click any of the race times for that meeting, or you can open the meeting in full by clicking the course name and all races will open up below the Race Card table.

Free Meeting Access Inform Racing

Using the example image above, you can see that there are four meetings and the first race on the day is the 14:00 (2pm) at Huntingdon.

So just click any of the race times for the Huntingdon meeting and they will open up for you below the Race Cards table, or click the word Huntingdon and it will open up all of the races in race time order below the table.

Please Note:

The free meeting is not available until early in the morning on the day of racing and the System Builder, Betting Tissue Tool, Daily Stats Table and Download Excel links are not avaialble for free users I am afraid.

Help required?

If you need any help then please take a look at the Key to the Race Cards link here >>

Or if you need to ask a question then please go to our Contact page here >>

You may want to Bookmark the link below so you can always access the Race Cards in future.

Thank you.