Quick view race stats

The quick view race stats allow you to see an incredible amount of information for every horse, at a glance. You will save hours going from web page to web page, looking for this information, because here you can compare all recent form and stats for all runners in the race at the same time and really read a whole race in a matter of minutes.

It has been said before that this feature alone is worth the cost of a subscription, as it saves you so much time whilst providing just the vital form information right where you need it, all together and all in one place.

Run style and pace figures

Using the in-running comments we turn each run style into a number and show the last 20 run style figures on the quick view race stats box for each horse so you can see at a glance how a horse has been running and is likely to run. We also show an overall number for each horse in the R/S column on the race card which gives the most used run style figure from the last 5 runs.

The numbers we use are: 1 = Led, 2 = Prominent or just behind leaders, 3 = Midfield and 4 = Held Up or Started Slowly

If a race is full of horses that like to lead or be prominent (1 and 2), they can take each other on at the head of the race, tire too soon and allow horses from behind (4) to pass them near the line. On the other hand, a race with just one horse that likes to lead (1) means that he may be able to set his own pace and quicken alone, leaving all of the other horses (3 and 4) chasing too hard and too late. 

Want to know where the pace in the race will be? Look for all the horses with predominantly '1's in their form and where they are drawn as fancied horses that run away from the main front runners will possible be disadvantaged by not being with the pace. Want to back a horse that is well drawn low on an inside rail? Check that it's run style figures are not predominantly '3's and '4's which may negate this advantage. Like to back in running? If a favourite is likely to be held up then wait until the off for a better price when the horse falls off the early pace, or if you know a horse is likely to get an easy lead, then back it to lay some off as it's price shortens quickly after the start.

Full form guide for each race on one page

Below each race card is the Form Guide link, which will open a page in a new window that gives the full past form for all of the runners in the race.

At the top in red are some of today's conditions so you can compare these with past form and all columns of form are sort able so you can group any of the criteria together. Clicking any of the past race dates will open another tab that shows the result of that race, which is the speed ratings card that was published originally for that race, sorted by finishing position and with SP and BSP added too.

There is also a dropdown on the actual race card that reveals a dropd down showing the form and result of the last ten races for each runner and again clicking any of the dates here will also open up the results card for that particular race.

Advanced search feature

Below each race card is the Advanced Search Feature link that gives the opportunity to drill down into today's race a little further and by choosing your own parameters, you can see how each horse has performed before at one or a number of combined race conditions or form factors.

See how each horse has run previously at today's course, distance, month of the year, going, class, field size and going left or right handed. You can combine any number of these for a real insight into past form, on today's conditions.

As an example you may want to see how all horses in the race have run between 1 mile and 1 mile 2 furlongs on Good ground or softer in March, April and May, if those are indeed factors relating to today's race. The Advanced Search Facility will prove to be an invaluable weapon all year round and will make a huge difference to your betting success.

Find a horse that has a little known preference for one or more aspect of racing and you will be able to turn that information into cash.

Daily stats table

Trying to find certain stats for all horses running on one days racing can be a massive task. Our daily stats table provides you with all the important stats you need all in one place. Course and Distance winners, horses dropped in class, number of times a jockey has ridden a horse plus much more, providing the stats for every horse running today with more than five previous runs.

There is also a link below each race card to just get the stats for that race and all data on both pages is followed by wins/runs/placed (win%). Sort any column to bring the best winning percentages to the top and then see all form for each horse on one line, giving you a massive amount of statistics in one place, saving you hours in form research.

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Historical meetings

Review all past race cards to see them as they were when first published, sorted by finishing position, with the SP and BSP included too.

The great thing here is that not only are all of the speed ratings as they were on the day but all of the quick view stats boxes and pop ups are all on the cards too, again with no data updated, so it is the exact card as it was when first posted. It's a great way to look back at past cards to check system ideas and to see why certain horses won by looking at the ratings, or delving deeper by looking at the form boxes too.

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In Depth Form Tables

Table 1: Race Conditions and gives wins/runs for certain form such as at Course, at Distance, on the forecast Going etc.. Stats are colour coded so that the better data stands out.

Table 2: Run Styles and shows the last 10 run styles as well as the average of the last 5 and the last 10 along with today's draw number and stall win percentage if on the flat.

Table 3: Official Ratings, giving the last 10 official ratings for each horse with finishing position, so you can see a horse improving or dropping in marks over a decent period of time. Also see the difference between today's mark and the last, as well as the last winning mark.

Table 4: Race Class and shows the last 5 races for each horse with the race class, finishing position and winners prize money amount. Also average prize money for the last 3 and the last 5 races so you can see which horses may be dropping in class and are being given an easier opprtunity today. 

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