On the Betting Tissue Tool you have a Ratings and Form box where you can choose which criteria you want to use to create your ratings and tissue prices. The number or percentage chosen is then ranked in order with the vast majority being ranked by the highest having the highest rank position. In some cases the number or % is ranked by lowest first and these are deatiled below where you can also see an explanation of all categories.

Select a category or scroll down the page.


Ability: A rating calculated by dividing the winning prize money by the number of wins
Avg: The average rating from the last three ratings/runs
Cse: The best rating at the course in the last 12 months
Dis: The best rating over the distance in the last 12 months
Form: Addition of the last 3 finishing positions. 1st, 5th and 3rd = 1+5+3 = 9. 10th or worse or a letter F, P etc. =10
Lto 1 (2 and 3): The last time out rating (1) or second last, third last (2 or 3)
Master: The best rating in the last 12 months
MPlusA: The Master rating plus the Average rating

Horse Form

Course Wins, %: Wins or win % at the course.
Distance Wins, %: Number of wins or win % at the distance.
C+D Wins, %: Number of wins  or win % over the same course and distance.
PrizeMoney Last12 months: Total of winning prize money from the past 12 months.
PrizeMoney: Total career winning prize money total.
BettingForecast: Order of the betting forecast, so the favourite will be ranked highest.
Lto 1 and 2 Lengths Btn: Ranked in order of lengths beaten in the last or second last race. The lower the number the higher the ranking, so winners will be ranked highest.
Lto 1 and 2 Pos: Ranked by finishing position last time and second last time out. Horses falling or pulled up etc, rate as finishing 30th. Lower the number the higher the ranking.
BhaRating: BHA or Official Handicap rating. The higher the rating the higher the horse is ranked.
Class Diff: Drop in class since last race. The bigger the drop, the higher the ranking, so a drop of three classes, -3 is ranked better then a drop of two classes, -2 or a raise in class, +1, +2, etc..
Runs: Total number of career runs with 0-3 runs counting as the same and ranked highest. Then 4 runs, 5 runs, 6 runs etc..
Winners, Win%: Total number of career wins and career winning percentage.
Placed%: Total percentage of times the horse has been placed. This uses Betfair place rules regarding field sizes and non runners.
Days Since Win: Lowest number of days is ranked highest.
Lto1SPDecimal: Last race starting price in decimal format. The shorter the price the higher the ranking position.
Win RaceCode%: Number of wins in the same code of race. Aw, Flat Turf, Chase, Hurdle, NHFlat.
Win Class%: Number of wins in the same race class as today OR higher.
Win FieldSize%: Number of wins in the same field size group. 1-7, 8-12, 13-19, 20+
Winners Forecast Going,%: Number of winners or win% on today's forecast going.
Win Going%: This covers every different type of going through the all weather to turf racing and gives the overall win % on any that is slected. If more than one is selected, the win percentages are added up and the total is used for the purposes of ranking. You can change your selection of the going here when you know what the official going is and building the tissue then. You will need to do this for each course at a time on the day as they will all likely be different and you can use this also when checking back on past results.


Jockey Course Wins, %: Jockey Wins or win % at the course.
Jockey Wins Last14Days, %: Jockey Wins or win % at the course from the last 14 days.
Trainer Course Wins, %: Trainer Wins or win % at the course.
Trainer Wins Last14Days, %: Trainer Wins or win % at the course from the last 14 days.
Trainer&Jockey Course Wins, %: Total number of wins or percentage of wins when the Jockey has ridden for today's Trainer previously at the course.
Jockey Win% on horse: : Total wining percentage for when the jockey has ridden today's horse previously.

Additional Fields, BspPos and SpPos

The Additional Fields selector allows you to choose any number of form data to show to the right hand side of the output sheet. This will give you more information on each horse that you may want to view. This could be the Jockey name, the Run Style number, the weight the horse is carrying and much more. This may just help decide on a selection or can just provide more info on a race.

BspPos and SpPos

When you are looking back at past results, you can choose some other info from the Additional Fields. These are the BSP, the BSP place price, plus the finishing positions. There are two of these for the finishing positions which are BspPos and SpPos. 

Both show the same finishing positions but with the horses that are placed in a race highlighted in pink, they highlight the places differently, depending on whether you want to show the horses that were placed using Betfair place rules or the bookmakers traditional place rules that take into account the number of runners and non runners.

You may want to use the SpPos if you are looking for a way of finding Placepot bets as an example.

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