The Selected Ratings System (SR System)

A systematic approach to using the speed ratings

The SR System takes 4 of the Inform Racing ratings and adds them up to find the top rated horse in a race which is then backed in the win and place market on Betfair.

You can now follow this system every day, all you need is a subscription to Inform Racing.

Using certain races and price filters for either place or win betting, early results have been very positive.

December 1st 2017 to March 31st 2018
Win Bets: +101.54
Place Bets: +59.82

All results are to Betfair Starting Price and include 5% commission removed from all winning bets.

Improve the results by using The Staking Machine

The Staking Machine is a piece of betting software that contains a number of Staking Plans and allows you to upload a set of results and automatically work out the profit/loss to any staking plan that you choose.

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You can copy and paste the full list of results and paste them into the Staking Machine, then play around with the staking plans, settings, price parameters and even the number of runners to see if you can improve the profits!

See the results in full

You can see all of the results to level stakes and when using the Staking Plans by clicking the button below. There are four tabs at the top of the link, please read the Explanation tab to understand the results shown.

The SR System rules are very simple.

  • 1
    Log in to Inform Racing. You do need a subscription to Inform Racing to use this system.
  • 2
    Add up the M+A rating, the Cse rating, The Dis rating and the Ability rating.
  • 3
    The horse with the highest total is the horse to back for a win or a place.
  • 4
    Only use races with between 4 and 12 runners declared and the horse must have a BSP in the place market of between 3.0 and 12.0 inclusive or a BSP in the win market between 7.0 and 20.0. 
  • 5
    If a race that had between 8 and 12 runners declared is reduced to 7 or less at the off, you can still bet on these races in the place market.
  • 6
    By using Betfair to place the bets, you play by their place betting rules so you still get 3 places if there are non runners in the above races.
  • 7
    If a selection is a non runner or the price of the selection is outside the minimum and maximum suggested price parameters, ignore the race. Do not substitute another horse just to make a bet.
  • 8
    If there are joint top rated horses then ignore the race.

All the selections are provided for you on one simple list!

Manually adding up the ratings takes a lot of time and effort but we provide you with all of the days selections on our excel download, available to all subscribers.

1. Login to Inform Racing using your username and password.

2. Click the Download Excel link below the days list of meetings. (You will need Excel to use this feature).

3. Open the SRS Ratings tab on the downloaded sheet to get the list of all ratings for each race.

Selected Ratings System Inform Racing

The full list of runners and races, sorted by race time and highest SRS rating in each race are on the left. The top rated for each race and therefore system selections are on the right, all sorted by race time.

The logic behind the system

The four columns used all have a positive reason for being chosen.

  • check
    The M+A Rating. This rating is already an addition of the Master rating and the Average rating. The Master rating is the best rating achieved in the last 12 months, the Average rating is the average of a horses last three ratings, so provides an excellent overall and recent evaluation of a horse.
  • check
    The Cse Rating. This provides the best rating a horse has achieved at today's course in the last 12 months.
  • check
    The Dis Rating. This provides the best rating a horse has achieved over today's distance in the last 12 months.
  • check
    The Ability Rating. This takes the total winning prize money of a horse and divides it by the number of races won to give a definitive 'Class' rating for a horse.

Plus, you can automate all of your bets easily by using Betsender

Betsender is a neat piece of software that will place all of your bets automatically. It also has all of the staking plans contained in The Staking Machine, so you can choose a plan to use and Betsender will work out the stakes of your next bet, depending on what plan you are using, without you having to do any calculations at all.

You can also set the price parameters for the bets, so that Betsender only places a bet when the price is right.

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‚ÄčSo, do you want to start making money with the SR System? Then hit the Subscribe button below and get going today!