Using Top Jockeys In Handicaps

This betting system is used to find a horse that is carrying a low weight in a race and is also being ridden by one of the better jockeys at the course. These two factors combine for a powerful each way system at decent odds.

Races used: All handicap races on the flat, all weather and jumps for horses of all ages. No races just for 3 year olds or just 2 year olds, it will say 3yo+ or 4yo+ in the race title or race conditions. Only races with 8 to 14 runners declared.

1 . Find the weight that both the top weight and bottom weight are carrying.

On the card below for the 6.20 Salisbury you can see the top and bottom weights shown on the Racing Post website, circled in blue.

The top weight is carrying 9 stone 7 (=133 pounds) and the bottom weight is carrying 8 stone 8 (=120 pounds). To get the pounds multiply the 9 by 14 (14 pounds in a stone) and then add the 7 to get 133.

Take the lower weight (120) from the higher weight (133) and divide by 2 to get 6.5 and round up to 7. Then take the 7 from 133 and divide by 14 to get 9, or 9 stone.

Now go to the next weight on the card below 9 stone, shown on the card by the purple line. On this occasion it gives us three horses to note which are Burning Thread, Majestic Hero and Vale Of Paris.


2. Now note if any of these three horses are being ridden by one of the top five jockeys at the course. This is the overall table showing 5 years data for all jockeys riding at the course today and the jockey must have ridden at least 5 winners at the course.

The Racing Post and Sportinglife websites give some free info but they only show the top jockeys list at the course for the jockeys riding in this race, rather than for all of those that are riding at the meeting today which is what we need.

Many daily newspapers will provide this info, as does the Racing Post newspaper, otherwise you will need to join the Racing Post members club for this information. Personally I have the Racing Post delivered every day so I use this to get the information.

For the meeting in question, the top 5 jockeys by number of winners are Pat Dobbs 27, Tom Queally 10, George Baker 10, Martin Dwyer 9 and Silvestre De Sousa 9.

As you can see, circled in red above, Silvestre De Sousa is the only one of the noted horses that is one of the top 5 jockeys at the course. If there were none we would ignore this race and move to the next one.

3. If any horse that has passed rules 1, and 2 has also won at the same distance of the race in question, then move on to number four. All horses in the above race have won at the distance and this has been highlighted in yellow.

4. Finally the horse must be quoted in the betting forecast at between 5/1 and 10/1.

5. If a selection qualifies on all the above, then back the horse each way. If you have more than one selection, take the horse carrying the lowest weight and if still more than one, the horse with the lowest forecast price.

As you can see our only selection is Burning Thread and the horse is forecast at 10/1 so will be a system, each way bet.



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