User Guide – Form Guide Inform Racing

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Simple to read form at a glance with all the runners form on one page. Find a horses preferred race conditions with just one click. 

The form guide opens in chronological order with the most recent race at the top and all columns can be sorted to group the information together by clicking the name of each header, allowing you to see at a glance, how a horse has performed at a course, a distance, under a certain jockey or whatever you choose.

The details in red are the horses details for today's race so you easily compare them to past form and by sorting by Position you can bring all of the horses winning form to the top and see what it's preferred winning conditions are.

The days column at the far right shows the number of days between each run. Today's race conditions are shown at the top for each column in red allowing you to easily compare past form with the race in hand.

User Guide – Form Guide Inform Racing

No other form guide is as simple to use or as easy to manipulate and all the horses in the race are on the same page so you can check every race of the day very quickly. There are hundreds of horses which 'fit' into particular categories of race preferences and you can now see these clearly by sorting the columns in whichever way you choose to find a horses favoured racing conditions with ease.

Big priced winners come in on a regular basis but it is often thought that a 'freak' result has just occurred. This is not always the case. It is just that most punters don't have the necessary tools at their disposal.

Most winners can be found in the form book but who wants to trawl through thousands of pages just to find out if a horse prefers small fields to big ones or left handed tracks to right handed ones? What could literally take you hours, you can now do it in seconds.