User Guide – Advanced Search Inform Racing

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User Guide - Advanced Search Feature

The advanced search feature allows you to drill down for each race and specify any race form criteria to see how each runner has performed under your chosen race conditions.

You can now search the database to cross reference a horses past form using one or a combination of search fields. 

The feature opens showing all horses win%, followed by the number of wins to races in brackets. The other columns show up to the last ten finishing positions and speed figures.

User Guide – Advanced Search Inform Racing

To use the feature, click on one or more items from one of the search fields then click 'Search'. The results will show all horses win percentage and number of wins to runs as well as the last ten finishing positions and speed figures that were achieved under these searched conditions. Vital information that is found in seconds.

Today's conditions are highlighted above each field in red.

As an example you may want to see how all horses in the race have run between 1 mile and 1 mile 2 furlongs on Good ground or softer in March, April and May or any other combination that you wish to check out.

The Advanced Search Facility will prove to be an invaluable weapon all year round and will make a huge difference to your betting success. Find a horse that has a little known preference for one or more aspect of racing and you will be able to turn that information into cash. It takes about five minutes to work through every decent race on the day to find any horses that stand out under today's race conditions, many of which will be 'under the radar' of most punters due to poor recent form, however this recent form was possibly in race conditions that didn't suit. Now you know the conditions favour the horse and can take advantage of this fact.

In racing, as in many aspects of life, knowledge is power and along with the race cards, form guides and more to help you, this feature will put you head and shoulders above all other punters who are regularly losing their bets based on just the basic information and form figures printed in their daily paper.

Be far better informed and you can be a winner starting today with the Inform Racing professional horse racing speed ratings