User Guide – Pop Up Boxes Inform Racing

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User Guide - Pop Up Boxes

Pop Up Box #1

Hovering over the first icon reveals a quick view stats box for each horse showing all relevant information for each runner to let you quickly see which horses have a chance in the race and just as importantly, those that don't.

User Guide – Pop Up Boxes Inform Racing

Key to pop up box above:

Last 7 form figures, Horse, Headgear, Age, Weight Colour, Sex, Sire, Dam

Trainer followed by his details in blue. Jockey, any weight claim in brackets, followed by jockeys records in green.

Career details including win and placed percentages and course and distance stats.

Official Rating today, amount more or less than its rating last time out in brackets, followed by the rating it last won off and the highest rating it won off. After this the last five official ratings from the right to left with finishing position in brackets.

Details of a horses record going left handed and right handed.

Run Style figures show how the horse began in the early part of a race. (Latest on the right with the last 15 available figures shown for every horse). 1 = Led, prominent. 2 = Tracked, chased leaders. 3 = Midfield. 4 = Held Up, started slowly.

The number of days and runs since the horse has won and the number of days since the horse last ran. The Days off to win record shows the number of days the horse was off before all of its wins. The horse above has won 14 times so there are 14 numbers showing the days off before each win.

The horse above has had plenty of races yet all wins have come within 36 days of the previous run at the most. If the horse had had a much longer break then you could question its chances, however some horses are the opposite and prefer to come back after a long break and this feature will pinpoint these also.

Pop Up Box #2

Hovering over the second icon reveals further information for each horses form over the main racing categories.

User Guide – Pop Up Boxes Inform Racing

Here you can see win and place form to number of runs and win percentage and shows how a horse has performed on all goings it has run on, all class of race, all distances the horse has run over and all field sizes the horse has run in.

For example the horse above, Fitzwill, has run 9 times on Good going and has won once and been placed a further three times.

You can also see this horse has run four times in company above Class 4 and has not been placed at all.

Monthly record

Here you have the same win/place/runs (%) record but for each month of the year and will highlight excellent opportunities not well known about a horse. Many horses peak at certain times of the year and you will be able to see this very clearly on this pop up box as well as being alerted to horses that may not be ready to win or prefer other times of the year to be at their best.

Course wins

Simply shows all other courses and course configurations the horse has won at before. It is now easy to see if a horse has won only on flat tracks or prefers a stiff uphill finish for example and these can be compared to today’s course where the details are also shown.

By switching quickly and easily between pop up 1 and 2 you will be able to see at a glance, the most important pieces of form that you need to make an informed and accurate decision about the chance of a horse in a race. Is the trainer in or out of form? Has the jockey a good record on the horse?

Does the horse have a decent strike rate? Is the horse well handicapped? Has it a good record going left handed? Can it win after so many days off the track? Will it go on the going? Can it win in this class of race? All of these and many more questions can be answered just by switching across the two pop up icons and you can go from horse to horse just by moving your mouse cursor up and down the card so you can look at all of the runners form at one go, all from the one race card.

With all races available on the same page for the day sorted by race time, you can go through a whole days racing quicker than ever before.

Rating Form Pop Up

This third pop appears when you hover your mouse over any of the Master ratings or last three Lto ratings and provides details of the run in question allowing you to compare any recent runs and race conditions with today’s.

User Guide – Pop Up Boxes Inform Racing

In the pop up above for the rating of 69, 17 days ago, you can see this particular rating was achieved at Bath over 2m 1f on Good to Soft going and there were 10 runners. It was a handicap and the horse had an official rating of 66 and carried 8 stone 12 pounds. It was a class 5 race worth £4,528 to the winner and the horse came 6th at 7/2

The horse ran in Midfield as it had a Run Style figure of 3, the jockey was David Egan and the winner of the race achieved a rating of 70.

All of this info can be compared with today’s race and decisions can easily be made.

This box will help you compare recent conditions with today’s and quickly identify horses that are rising or dropping in class and distance and if there is any change of jockey for any particular reason. Just hover your mouse over the last time out rating of the horse at the top of a race card and drag your mouse down the column. The box will change as you go over each rating for each horse, allowing you to check a whole race for a number of important factors in a couple of seconds