Daily Stats Table

I have added a new feature this week called the Daily Stats Table which gives you a quick view of all horses running on the day, (that have had at least 5 runs), with their winning strike rates over many form criteria’s, plus other data too, all on the one table whether they are running over the same race code or in the same race or not.

The Inform Racing race cards already provide some amazing ‘at-a-glance stats’ on our two main pop up boxes, shown when you hover around the card.

You can see an example of both of these boxes below, crammed full of form data in a simple to read format, allowing you to work through a race in a matter of minutes.

Daily Stats Table Inform Racing

Daily Stats Table Inform Racing

However, what if your thing is backing jockeys that have a good record previously on the horse, or you like to bet on horses that are being dropped in class, or those that are running below their last handicap mark?

Great to have the info above but on a busy day of racing you may need to look at the form of 300, 400, 500 horses or more and that is not a simple task!

Step forward the Daily Stats Table.

Now you can look at every horse running today and compare all of the strike rates for 13 significant form criteria and sort each one to bring the highest winning strike rates to the top.

Take a look at the video below which runs you through all of the columns shown and how you can now save even more time every day, finding just what you want to know, without trawling through every runner in every race.

[youtube url=”https://youtu.be/01-I5vzRcP4″ width=”620″ height=”360″]


Update Addition

We have just added a new feature to the Daily Stats Table, where you can now find your horses using the stats and then link directly to that race, so you can view the horse and the other runners in more detail.

If you click the image below you can see the race times on the left are now in blue.

Daily Stats Table Inform Racing

Once you have sorted the columns to find your favourite statistics, just click any race time and a new window will open showing just that race and all of it's details.

We have clicked the first race on the list above, the 2.00 Brighton and as you can see below, this race is now shown on it's on so that you can confirm the value of the stats or look at all of the runners form in more detail, as you can on all of the cards.

Daily Stats Table Inform Racing

This addition makes this feature far more use able and will save you time going back and forth between the stats and then having to find the horse you are interested in.

You will also see a Daily Stats Table link below each race card where you can view just the stats for each individual race.

Here, as well as on the main table for all of the days runners, you will quickly be able to see if a horse has an excellent record at any of the form criteria shown. You will also be able to quickly spot those that don't, giving you a fast way of evaluating a horses chance and weighing up the race.

To see more of the recent additions we have also made, click the link below.


Subscribing To Inform Racing

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If you are a member you can now use the Daily Stats Table feature every day to find those horses with excellent course form, distance form, class form and much more.

To sign up and access the ratings for every race at every meeting, use the link below.

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