Updated Pop Ups and Form Guides

Last week we updated some of the features on the website race cards to help make the form reading of a race even easier than it was before.

Pop Up #1

The main pop up is now colour coded so that you can easily distinguish between race codes.

For flat racing, turf races are shown in red and all weather shown in blue.

For jump racing, chase races are shown in red and hurdle and NH Flat races are shown in blue.

So just hover your mouse over the horse name and see this box appear showing all of the form in one simple to read box. Move your mouse around the card and see all of the runners form in just a few seconds.

(Click all images to enlarge in a new window).Updated Pop Ups and Form Guides Inform Racing

Pop Up #2

The second pop up box gives an even more detailed view of a horses past form over a number of important form factors.

No more going from web page to web page, back and forth between horses and races.

Simply hover your mouse over the icon to the left of the horse name and ‘Voila!’, this pop up below appears and again by just moving your mouse around the card, you can view every horse that is running to see if it really has a chance of winning or not.

Updated Pop Ups and Form Guides Inform Racing

Form Guide Updates

We have also made some changes to the form guides by adding the Weight, any Equipment carried by the horse, the Run Style for each run as well as the Beaten Distance.

Clear and simple to read, this makes looking back at the form of each horse very easy indeed and with all of the form guides for each race on the same page, you can look at a whole race at the same time without going back and forth across different web pages.

Updated Pop Ups and Form Guides Inform Racing

And Don’t Forget The Speed Ratings

Put all of this together with the quality of the speed ratings with over half of all winners coming from the top 3 rated in the Master column at all prices including 40/1, 33/1, 25/1 and many, many more.

The truth is you really do have everything you need to win in one simple to read and easy to use format.

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