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We have now added the betting tissue tool to the web site and it is available as a free extra feature for all current and new subscribers.

The betting tissue tool allows you to use the ratings we provide in a number of different ways, to calculate your own betting tissue, or forecast prices. You can then compare these to the actual prices available, spot any horses that may be over priced and back winners at value prices, others don't expect to win.

You may want to take a look at the two original blog posts on this feature first to refresh your mind on what the Betting Tissue Tool is and what it is setting out to do.

See a very short video.

There are more features I will soon be adding to the tissue tool, such as the ability to rank form criteria as well as the ratings and when these are done I will provide a full explanation video.

For a moment you can view a video on the link below that gives a basic overview of what can be achieved.

When you view the video, the Multiplier table (unexplained in the video), means you can add more weight to any chosen column in increments of 0.1 and you can also now change the tissue X 1.5 to any number you want. There is more explanation on this 1.5 number further on in this post.

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Some Recent Results

If you read the previous blog posts, you will see that I have been using four of the Inform Racing ratings which are Avg, Lto1 Master and M+A. From these I have been only looking at the first 5 from the betting tissue that is calculated. That is not the odds at the off or the official early morning forecast prices, it is the tissue we create from this Inform Racing betting tissue tool.

I have also been ignoring any horse from the first five that has a BSP of 40 or bigger, just because I think these horses don't win often enough. These are just my choices and you can play around with this using any combination that you want to, as well as change some of the other settings.

Once you click the 'Build Tissue' button which calculates all of the rankings to get the prices, the races are automatically sorted by race time and each race by the new tissue prices in the Tissue column, with our 'favourite' at the top.

I have it set to multiply the tissue price by 1.5 to get the MinBsp on the right, which is the minimum price you want to take on Betfair for each horse. You can change this 1.5 to anything.

Just yesterday there were two notable winners that you can see below.

Looking at the first race and image, if you take the first five in our tissue and compare these with the BSP on the results image further down, you will see that the top three horses, Valdez, Cap Du Nord and Whoshotwho, would all have been a bet because their BSP is bigger than the MinBsp price.

From these three, Valdez went on to win with a BSP of 13.03, bigger than the minimum suggested of 10.41, giving us a profit on the race of about 10 points after deducting the two losing stakes on Cap Du Nord and Whoshotwho.

Click any images to enlarge them.

Inform Racing Betting Tissue Tool Inform Racing
Inform Racing Betting Tissue Tool Inform Racing

The second winner was in the 3.20 Lingfield.

Again, look at the first five in our tissue and you will see that only Kingston Mimosa had a bigger BSP than the minimum we will accept.

This was a rather massive 20.48, a lot bigger than the suggested minimum price of 12.12, giving a superb profit on this race with just one bet, one winner.

Inform Racing Betting Tissue Tool Inform Racing
Inform Racing Betting Tissue Tool Inform Racing

On the results above you will see that Britanio Bello was a non runner but was one of the first five in our tissue for this race.

Personally I am substituting another horse into the equation so we do have five to choose from, which brought in Burgess Dream, but again this is a decision you will have to make.

There will be a lot more added to this tool in the coming weeks but hopefully you can see how simple it is to create your own betting tissue and find value bets by using different criteria to create your prices, compared to the bookmakers and the actual odds on offer.

So subscribers can now access the Betting Tissue Tool on the website.

If you are a subscriber to Inform Racing, just login and click the 'Added Features' link at the top to find the Betting Tissue link.

You can also export all of the data that you have calculated to excel, so that you can manipulate things further, add more data or results to any of the races and more.

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