Betting Against Short Priced Favourites

Short priced favourites win a heck of a lot of races. In fact as you will see in the short video below, in the past two years, backing horses at 1/3 or shorter would have given you close to an 80% strike rate of winning bets.However, this stat is significantly neutralised when you see that […]

Inform Racing Betting Tissue Tool

We have now added the betting tissue tool to the web site and it is available as a free extra feature for all current and new subscribers.The betting tissue tool allows you to use the ratings we provide in a number of different ways, to calculate your own betting tissue, or forecast prices. You can […]

Creating Your Own Betting Tissue Prices (2)

This post is an update to the previous one on this feature, with some updated results which appear to be very promising, as well as information on how users who couldn’t manage to use the excel spreadsheet version, can now access the sheets each day.This Betting Tissue Tool will soon be added to the website […]

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