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Decrease Your Expectations And Increase Your Success

When we start betting the majority of us start reading about the professional gamblers who make a living from their betting and we start to dream about making thousands of pounds every week.

Unfortunately this can be a major problem before we even start because the expectation has been set too high.

Do you think that the few who do make a living from their betting did so from day one? Do you think they opened a betting account aged 18 or whatever and started making £1,000 a week from the start?

Well I can tell you that they didn’t, I didn’t, no one has and sorry to be the bearer of bad news, neither will you.

I know that when you read some of the systems being touted around today that tell you they can make you a fortune over night, it can be easy to believe what you read.

The truth of the matter is it definitely isn’t easy at all and you will do very well to understand this from the start.

So, you want to make £1,000 a week?

Okay so if it is not via the latest miracle betting system, tell me how you are planning to do this?

Some people would say, ‘Well I am just going to back lots of winners I guess!’

That sounds brilliant! But how do you plan to do that?

Actually it shouldn’t be me asking you all these questions, but questions that you should be asking yourself.

To start off with I think that £1,000 a week is too much to be aiming for at the beginning.

It is possible, it is achievable, but it probably won’t happen overnight and if you do aim for this £1,000 do you plan to win that on one bet a week or make £200 a day over five days of betting, then have two days off to sit down and pat yourself on the back!

Here are my thoughts on what you should be aiming for.

Personally, I have always thought that making a living from betting is NOT really achievable for the majority.

There are too many things that have to go right. You need to have a massive amount of money to begin with, you need to spend a lot of time betting and not doing a lot else as well as be incredibly consistent with your selection process so that you can win enough every month to cover all of your outgoings.

This is okay if you are a single guy or girl in your early twenties or thirties but you will probably want to get married one day and start a family and then your winning becomes a must more than just a hope.

I have always thought that a good aim for most who are competent at their betting and disciplined too, would be if you could pay the mortgage, or even if you could pay half the mortgage every month from your betting.

This is of course different for everybody but lets assume that an average mortgage payment is between £700 and £1,00 a month, something like that?

This means an aim of anywhere between £350 and £1,000 a month, roughly £85 to £250 a week.

Straight away this know looks more believable and more importantly achievable. Plus any successful staking on strategies that you do use can always be increased in the future.

What I would then say is to look at the amount of points per week you would need to win to make this amount of money.

A point can be for any amount that you want to work on and is normally the stake that you use, so if you want to call a point £1, then ten points profit would make you £10, if you want to call a point £5 then ten points profit would be £50 etc..

If you could make ten points per week, at £5 per point, this would make you £50 a week and £200 a month.

You can double this amount by aiming for either twenty points a week or by using £10 a point for example.

Setting reasonable goals.

It can be very helpful to understand this points aim per week so that you can see in your mind what you are aiming to achieve, rather than, ‘Oh I just want to win a whole load of money’.

I think a lot of people reading this may think that ten points a week is rather low and should actually be pretty easy.

Well first I would say to you give it a go and see how you get on, as nothing is quite as easy as it seems, however ten points a week is a good aim and something I suggest starting out for.

Your own betting strategy.

Next question. How are you going to make this ten points a week?

Do you have a particular system that you use that gives you enough bets a week, something you find suits your approach and that can make you a profit?

Well, what I want to suggest is to make your ten points a week or whatever aim even easier and that is to use a portfolio of systems and spread your aim over more than one different technique.

Do you think you could find a strategy that makes you four points a week?

It would certainly be easier than winning ten, so why not find three different systems or strategies that all make just three or four points a week, all adding up to around ten or more points every week.

Much simpler again, much more doable and achievable don’t you think?

Aiming for less means simply that you don’t need to win a lot on one idea. I mean if you have a system that could make three points every week, at £10 a point that is only £30, however if you had four such systems that all make three points profit every week, at £10 a point that is now £120 a week and £480 a month.

Maybe one system makes two points easily, another two make five points or so and if one week a system makes a three point loss, you still have your other systems to cover that loss so that you still make money.

By bringing things down to a much smaller level and aiming for much less but doing it more than once will clarify your thoughts and make things easier.

It will also give something far greater to aim for rather than trying to just make a living or ‘win loads’.

People who make money from more than one job have what they call multple income streams and this is what this idea is about here today but for betting and I hope that you can take something from this by lowering your expectations a little but at the same time multplying your overall profits.

I am currently working on three ‘micro systems’ which look to be able to make around three to five points profit each week and with little fuss. I am back testing these at the moment and the prospects look good, going by results so far.

A system that doesn’t make a lot each week will also usually not lose a lot each week either so your betting should be safer too. You just need to find that small edge that can be multiplied.





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Ian Welch

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