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I have been monitoring a new laying system using the ratings since the beginning of December and I think you will like the results.

This is a very, very simple system to use and will take no more than two to three minutes a day to find the selections.

The results are as follows and include a 5% reduction on  all winnings for Betfair commission.

December 2016

40 bets
35 winning bets
87.5% strike rate
ROI 24.31%
22.85 points profit

January 2017

67 bets
59 winning bets
88.06% strike rate
ROI 16.24%
10.88 points profit

February 2017

72 bets
62 winning bets
86.11% strike rate
ROI 21.15%
15.23 points profit

March 2017 so far

19 bets
17 winning bets
89.47% strike rate
ROI 45%
8.55 points profit


198 bets
173 winning bets
87.37% strike rate
ROI 29.1%
57.51 points profit

That means over £285 using £5 stakes or a tidy £1,150 using £20 stakes, in just over 3 months.

There is a nice minimum and maximum Betfair price bracket on these of between 4.0 and 10.0, so those really fancied and those with too much risk involved are not layed.


System Rules

You need to be a subscriber of to be able to find the selections.

1. Handicap races only, both flat and jumps. Any number of runners.
2. Sort the LTO column to bring the highest rating to the top, or just find the highest rating in the Lto column.
3. Lay the top rated horse in the Lto column whose last finishing position was either 2nd or 3rd. You can find this by hovering your mouse over the Lto rating for this horse and look at the finishing position in that race.
4. Price restrictions. It must be between a BSP of 4.0 and 10.0 inclusive.

5. There can be joint top rated horses in the Lto column but there can only be one of these joint top rated horses that finished 2nd or 3rd, otherwise ignore the race.

The thinking behind this is that a horse that came close last time out (2nd or 3rd) and achieved the highest rating of all the runners today, may have exerted itself to its maximum or at least more than the other horses and will not find any extra today. Finishing 2nd or 3rd will often mean the horse will start a shortish price today. If it is under 4.0 then it may also be fancied or connections who know more than we do. Over 10 and the risk is too high as they do win at bigger prices sometimes. Between 4.0 and 10.0 seems to be the correct price bracket for laying these horses.

To join Inform Racing to be able to find the selections for this system, please use the following link:


Results Updates April 2017: Total +56.34points

Click the link below for a regular updated list of results in a Google Spreadsheets web page, from December 2016. You can look at the different months on the tabs at the bottom of the sheets.

Updated Results Here >>


James Dawson

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