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Top Half System – A Subscribers Way Of Using The Ratings

I have recently highlighted one or two ways that subscribers have been using the ratings and if you read the latest post here, you may have seen a comment added by Norman which was then followed up by Neil suggesting a new horse racing system.

Normans first post set out the rules which are very simple, if a little time consuming however I have come up with a method that sorts out a race in less than a minute.

His winners on the day he posted his comment were at 16/1 and 9/2 plus the others he had the day before were at 7/1, 9/2, 6/1, 11/2 and 10/1.

Neil has stated that his method is the same but he is only betting on horses if he can get 7/1 or bigger and betting them each way and he also gets the early best odds guaranteed the night before which is a sensible idea. For some of the bigger priced winners you may want to bet on the exchanges.

Personally I wonder if you are backing each way you may want to make sure you can get 10/1 or 12/1 perhaps or maybe just back all of the qualifiers in single win bets.

Of course from the qualifiers you could find a further rule that just allows one selection,  as Norman stated you could go for the highest from these in the Master rating column, I have another idea that seems to be consistent with the results I have seen that you may want to choose.

Neil says he has doubled his bank in about one month, starting with £100 and turning this into over £230. Bearing in mind he only started off betting 50p each way, that is some going I would say.

He has now increased his stakes to £1 each way, will go up to £2 each way in the future and says his aim is to be betting £5 each way very soon.

I have to say that starting at low stakes is a very sensible idea as you can try something out without a large risk to your stakes and as Neil has done, you can increase these at any time when your bank has grown.

The System Rules

  1. Handicap races only.
  2. Sort the race by the Master column to bring the highest ratings to the top and note down the race card number of those that are in the top 50%. If you have 10 runners in the race then you note down the top 5, if there are 13 runners then you add one making 14 and note down the top 7. You may have more if the last one or two have the same rating and this is fine.
  3. Sort the race next by the Lto column, then by the Avg column and finally by the M+A column, noting down the top 50% of all columns as you did with the Master column. If you open the cards separately by each course rather than all races for the day on one page it will sort each column a little quicker.
  4. Finally take the horse or all horses that are showing in all four columns.
  5. Bet those at your chosen minimum price range to win or each way.

You can see an example of a ten runner race and how you might write these down below.

Master Lto Avg M+A
2 5 5 5
5 9 7 2
3 7 8 8
4 8 1 7
8 4 2 6
6 6

So in this race you would take the runners with race card numbers 5 and 8

If you have too many selections or just want to narrow these down, I have found that just choosing those from the final qualifiers that are one of the top 3 rated in the Lto column seems to cover quite a lot of the winners, but this is only my initial idea looking at some recent winners found by the system, not one suggested by Norman or Neil.

What you are left with are horses that are in the top 50% of each of the main four columns provided by Inform Racing and just this would suggest a decent enough strike rate.

If you didn’t want to remove any of the runners you could back them all as I believe Neil does, as long as they pass his 7/1 minimum price rule. He has recently come up with Summerinthecity Won 16/1 and Old Guard Won 12/1 so you can see how bets at these prices would cover a number of losers or those that just place.

I am not sure what Norman does regarding non runners but Neil says he down’t concern himself with these, however he places his bets the night before on most occasions when there are unlikely to be any non runners.

An example from yesterday

2.55 Lingfield – Triple Dream Won 10/1, New Rich 3rd 8/1

triple dream

If you work this race out you would be left with horses, 8, 3, 7 and 2. If you took my filter of just if top 3 rated in the Lto column from all qualifiers you would be left with just 8, 3 and 2.

From these, horse number 8 Triple Dream won at 10/1 (13.22 on Betfair). Horse number 3 came third at 8/1 and horse number 2 came last but was only 9/2 so would have been no bet anyway.

As I have said, the last filter is just one I have added looking at some of the results, it is not mentioned by either Norman who came up with the idea or Neil who has continued to use and update me with his success and has posted quite a few comments on the last post too.

Incidentally, Neil increased his bank yesterday by 10% and if you could do that every day, well Rodney this time next year……………….



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Ian Welch

Creator and owner of Inform Racing.com since 2003, I have over 30 years of racing and betting experience to share. Speed ratings are my main passion whilst updating the website and writing the odd blog post keeps me busy and hopefully other users well informed.

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