Speed Ratings Class Pars (2)

In a recent blog post I talked about speed ratings class pars and how they can help narrow down the field in a number of races.

A class par is the par rating, or average rating, that should be the minimum rating required to win any particular race type/age group and race class.

If a horse hasn't achieved the par rating recently, or certainly within the last twelve months, then it can confidently be taken out of the equation as very few of these horses will go on to win.

On the recent blog post here, I went through the Plumpton card for the day highlighting a number of winners that could have been found by comparing the recent ratings to the class pars for each race.

Earlier this week I put up seven runners for the day on Twitter that all had an Average speed rating that was higher than the par and came out with three winners at 9/4, 11/2 and 6/5, plus two that came second.

Class Pars and the Master Rating

When checking through the days results I also spotted a nice winner at Kempton that had a very high Master rating, (the best rating achieved by the horse in the last twelve months), that was actually higher than the highest ever speed rating for that particular race.

On the Inform racing cards you will see the class par for the race and then the highest ever rating achieved for the race and remember these are specifically for each different race type/age group and race class.

For example, you may see, Class Par: Par 77 H 84. This means the average winning speed rating has been 77 and the highest ever achieved in the past was 84.

The race at Kempton had the par for the race as 74 and the highest ever as 81, with one horse, Ubla, having a Master rating of 82.

This doesn't mean that the horse will record a rating of 82 today, but it does mean that in the last twelve months it has achieved a rating that is higher than ever recorded before for this race type/age group and race class class and if it can run to that form again today then it will have a very good chance of winning.

If you look at the card below, you can see the class pars in the header at the top and the Master rating for Ubla, which is also considerably higher than any other horse in the race.

Ubla went on to win by nearly two lengths at 11/1 with a BSP of 17.

As it happens in this race, Ubla actually achieved a speed rating of 81, matching that of the highest ever for the par for the race, coming right back to form with this comfortable victory.

You can also see that Ubla had been dropped two pounds (-2), since the last run and had won twice before at the distance and four times before at the distance. So any other positive factors that can suggest the horse may be able to run well should all boost your confidence.

Four more winners yesterday

There were seven more runners yesterday that had a Master rating that was higher than the highest ever achieved for the race in question and four of them went on to win.

Admittedly, one of them won at 1/12 (!!) but the other three were all odds against, with two in particular starting at good prices.

3.35 Musselburgh
Class Par 84 Highest 91

Ardera Cross - Master rating 92, Won 8/1 BSP 10

Forecast as the 20/1 rank outsider, Ardera Cross started the joint outsider of five at 8/1 but stayed on well to win by nearly four lengths.

Like Ubla, he had also been dropped two pounds since the last run and had three previous victories over the distance.

8.00 Southwell
Class Par 75 Highest 83

Accessor - Master rating 85, Won 7/1 BSP 9.83

From the seven selections yesterday, four of the horses had been dropped in the weights and three of them won at 8/1, 6/5 and 1/12 and was the case for Ubla who won earlier in the week.

If you can find any good reason why one of these horses may be able to run to the form of the Master rating again today then there will be some solid betting opportunities over the coming months.

By having these class pars, you know what sort of rating figure will win any particular race type/age group and race class and is a very simple way of looking at a race without necessarily needing to trawl through all of the form. 

With speed ratings you can just look at a simple number that represents the quality of the horse and by comparing these to the class pars available, make your own informed and profitable decisions.

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