How To Create Your Own Unique Ratings

As you probably know, horse ratings of any kind can be used to help narrow down the field to give you those horses that should really be in with a chance of winning and then ignore those with poor ratings that don't.

There are dozens of ratings that you could use, including our very own horse racing speed ratings. The idea is to find a rating or a method of rating a race where you can confidently find the winner from your top two or three rated horses in a large number of races.

You can then take your top two or three horses and delve into the form a little more or dutch two or all three, depending on the odds that are available. 

Of course most punters don't even want to be bothered doing the 'delving' part and just want to be given a set of ratings and horses that they can back. This can help those who are prepared to take a little more time to sort the wheat from the chaf but the aim of finding a consistent rating that can identify winners regularly is everyone's aim for sure.

Inform Racing Speed Ratings

The speed ratings we provide will do that for you and there are a number of different ratings we provide, such as the Master rating which is the best rating achieved in the last 12 months, the Lto1 rating which is the rating from the latest run and more.

Users can choose which rating they find the most useful and set themselves up using one or two of these and then start to take into account such things as days since ran, number of wins at the course and or distance, how well handicapped the horse is and on it goes.

Up until now it wasn't very easy to combine these ratings to create your own unique rating but now you can do this very easily and you can also use any form criteria as well to help calculate the ultimate horse racing rating.

Creating your own ratings

So imagine if you could pick and choose only the the form that you think is most crucial in finding a winner and put these together to rate any race that you wanted to.

Imagine then that by rating a race by your own chosen criteria, you can have a unique set of ratings that no one else will be using and from these start hitting a large number of winning bets from your top two or top three rated horses.

I think most people would firstly think that is pretty cool and secondly I think they would then start to see the possibility of creating something that could ultimately be very useable and profitable indeed.

What if I then told you that you could create your own ratings for every race that you want to bet on and that you could calculate these ratings for a full days racing in a matter of seconds?

Getting started using the Inform Racing Betting Tissue Tool

The Betting Tissue Tool is not only the quickest way to build your own betting forecast, that gives you the real winning chance of every horse, that you can then compare to the odds on offer and back those horses that are overpriced for value betting time after time..... is also able to calculate your own unique horse racing ratings too.

You can click the image below to enlarge it and see how simple the basic procedure is.

Create your own horse racing ratings

On the day selected above for this simple example I used just four of the speed ratings available from Inform Racing which were the Ability rating, Distance rating, Lto1 rating and the Master rating.

There were 19 races selected and these gave 5 top rated winners, 9 top two rated winners and 11 top three rated winners.

The BSP of the winners were 5.0, 6.34, 4.1, 27.0 and 4.7

There are over 45 speed ratings and form categories that you can choose from to create your own ratings, so there is an enormous number of different combinations that you can use.

You can click here to see the full list >>

Video Example

Take a look at the short 7 minute video below that takes you through the procedure and see how easy it will be to create your horse racing ratings.

Subscribing To Inform Racing

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Ian Welch

Creator and owner of Inform since 2003, I have over 30 years of racing and betting experience to share. Speed ratings are my main passion whilst updating the website and writing the odd blog post keeps me busy and hopefully other users well informed.

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