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The Inform Racing Value Betting Tissue Tool will create your own forecast prices that you can then compare to the actual prices on offer to find your solid, value priced horses every day.

You can also use it to create your very own unique horse racing ratings by selecting the form and speed ratings criteria that you think are most important in rating each runner and then start betting on your very own ratings.

Users having great success

In the last few days I have received a couple of emails from subscribers Keith and John telling me how they have been making good money from the Betting Tissue Tool.

Keith emailed explaining how he had found five horses on the same day where the tissue tool had suggested that the horses had a massive chance of winning and three of the five went on to win at odds of 4/1, 18/5 and 11/1. 

These winners gave him a win of £890 to £2 stake on a Super Yankee that he placed.

His email is copied below and you can see the screenshots he mentions further down the page

Hi Ian,

Below are some screen shots (if I have added them correctly) of five of todays races which showed a very high percentage win chance with my settings for the betting tissue tool. It's not often you get such high percentages so five on one day called for a super yankee which returned £890 to £2 stake. I don't normally do yankees etc but with 5 such high ratings I had to. The results were 3 winners at 4/1, 18/5 and 11/1 the last two were also top rated in the master rating column Dal Horrsgle was =top the other two were 2nd and 3rd top! I also backed them each on betfair where the odds are better. I just thought you may like to use the screenshots to demonstrate how useful this tool is.

Best Regards


When you choose your form and ratings criteria on the tissue tool, it calculates a Rank% which is then used to give you your unique tissue price or forecast price for each horse.

The Rank% is actually the percentage chance of each horse, using the criteria you have chosen and as you can see on the five images below, the Rank% of the five top horses in each race was really very high indeed.

All images can be clicked to enlarge them.

For example, the first winner above, Mayfair Spirit, was given a 90% chance of winning the race using the criteria Keith has used, which equates to a tissue price of 1.11, around a 1/10 chance.

The actual forecast price of the horse was 6/1 and the horse went on to win comfortably by a length and a quarter at an SP of 11/1, BSP 13.14.

The race was a run of the mill, class 4 handicap for older horses, where there was plenty of previous form on offer and on paper a very open race with the forecast favourite at 7/2.

Yet using the criteria Keith chose, the tissue tool suggested that it was far from an open race and should have had an extremely long odds on shot as the favourite.

You can click the images below to enlarge them and see all of the details and the Rank% more clearly.

You can see that Keith has used 14 different form and speed ratings criteria to calculate his own tissue prices, as there are 14 'ranking' columns between the Rating Total and Rank Total. These rank each of the criteria selected and calculate the Total, Rank% and then Tissue Price.

I don't know what the criteria he has used but Keith understandably wants to keep these to himself.

So however you have been using the Tissue Tool, you may want to start looking for horses with a massive Rank% and just bet those that are over say 80% or 85% perhaps.

User John and his great day last Saturday

I also got an email yesterday from John who has emailed me before about his success using the Betting Tissue Tool.

Again, I do not know what criteria John is using but he is clearly having great success and making some nice profits.

Here is a copy of the message he sent me.

Morning Ian,

What a day Saturday with Tissue Builder. Winners at 45.13 and 34.31 from 21 bets. Made approx 55 points profit on the day! Last 4 days (3 winning ones) and have made over 62 points net from 67 selections. I realise Saturday is a high part of variance - but, and very much like your figures at the outset, i  anticipate 30 - 35 % over a decent time duration will be likely results. Feel free to pop this on the general stuff on your Site if you wish. B t w i have cut out all 2 and 3 year old only races but still seem to get between about 14 and 22 selections a day. Even at 8 to 10 % Win rate it makes for great profits.

Thanks again for your help and kind regards,


Hopefully these two emails and winners/profits shown can inspire you to start creating your own systems using the Inform Racing Betting Tissue Tool.

The Betting Tissue Tool is not only the quickest way to build your own betting forecast that gives you the real winning chance of every horse, that you can then compare to the odds on offer and back those horses that are overpriced for value betting time after time..... is also able to calculate your own unique horse racing ratings too.

There are over 45 speed ratings and form categories that you can choose from to create your own ratings, so there is an enormous number of different combinations that you can use.

Video Example

Take a look at the short 7 minute video below that takes you through the procedure and see how easy it will be to create your horse racing ratings.

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