Speed Rating Systems – Winner at 50/1

I have mentioned a couple of the systems that we provide to subscribers recently and how they can highlight some very good ‘Hidden’ speed ratings winners that other punters would not be aware of.

System 2 and System 4 are especially potent and it is system 4 I just want to highlight in the main today, after a spate of good winners including Frosty Berry yesterday at Nottingham winning at 50/1 and over 140/1 on Betfair!

The Simple Rules For System 4

“Any top 3 rated horse in the Lto column whose finishing position for it’s last race was 5th or worse. Here you have horses that ran in good races for speed and time but as they finished down the field will often be found at good prices.”

As you can see this is a very simple system that is based on very sound logic.

A horse that has one of the top 3 ratings last time out, shows a horse that ran one of the better races last time out from the horses in today’s race.

Noting any of these that ran 5th or worse means that the race the horse ran in was a fast one as even horses down the field rated highly on the speed figures and is information and knowledge that others not using the speed ratings will have.

Whilst it is possible and often likely a horse finishing fifth or worse may have been beaten under a length or two, many punters and those who price up the races will not rate a horse that finished ‘poorly’ as high as one that finished in the first three.

This will often mean that a system 4 horse can be backed at decent prices.

3.50 Nottingham – Frosty Berry

As you can see on the image below, Frosty Berry was one of the top 3 rated last time out on 81.

Speed Ratings Winners

By hovering over the ratings on the card, you can see the boxes that appear showing all details of the race and rating in question.

Doing this for the 81 rating for Frosty Berry’s last run, you can see below that the horse came 7th at Lingfield on this last run, as well as all other important form details for that race.

Speed Ratings Winners

Result: Frosty Berry Won 50/1

Other system 4 winners yesterday were, Anjuna Beach Won 8/1, Mirsaale Won 7/1, Baron Bolt Won 11/4, Lexington Abbey Won 11/4 and Seek The Fair Land Won 13/8, so as you can see this is a very potent system that finds regular winners.


Combining System 4 and System 2

Last week, as you can see on the card below that Turnbury had one of the top 3 ratings last time out with a 68.Speed Ratings Winners

One the image below you can also see that by hovering over that 68 rating, the horse only finished 8th, qualifying it as a system 4 selection.

Speed Ratings Winners

You can also see that the horse was not only top rated for the race with 77, he was also carrying top weight being number 1 on the race card (No column.)

This means that he also qualified as a system 2 bet.

The Simple Rules For System 2

“Any horse that is top weight in a handicap and also top rated on the Master rating column. The top weight, or joint top weight, is the horse that is carrying the biggest weight in a handicap race and is rated by the official handicapper as the best horse in the race. Allied with also having the best speed rating gives these horses a great chance. Remember this is for handicap races only.”

Result: Turnbury Won 12/1

Lackaday was another system 2 winner yesterday at 13/2.

By using the ratings to highlight horses to back that others just wouldn’t normally be looking at, you can find horses at some very decent prices.

All confirming what I have said before many times and that is that Speed ratings really can highlight those ‘hidden big priced winners’, time and time again.





Ian Welch

Creator and owner of Inform Racing.com since 2003, I have over 30 years of racing and betting experience to share. Speed ratings are my main passion whilst updating the website and writing the odd blog post keeps me busy and hopefully other users well informed.

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